Great morning Champs,

What a joy to reach out to you this morning as we move intentionally into the year 2018. Someone said to me that 2018 is the year of NOTHING if we do NOTHING in and about the year. In other words, the year is blank slate and only becomes what we make of it. Yes it may come with certain unique opportunities but if we are NOT suitably positioned to seize and maximize those opportunities, we shall not benefit from them. This tells me that more than ever we have to be deliberate and intentional about what we do this year.

This year, I want to reach out more via my various platforms and be an integral part of nation building. I sincerely believe that the heart of a nation is contained in the hearts of the men and women of that nation and such anything that develops and builds the people qualifies as nation building. I have said, before, that solutions to the issues of this generation lies with the people of this generation but I am also quick to recognize that having the solution is one thing, knowing that you have the solution and being able to deploy it is yet another thing. IT IS TIME TO BE PART OF THE (5)

Champs, think carefully about the state of the nation as it is today and imagine the state of the nation you will hand over to your children and the next generation if you and I do absolutely nothing but talk about it. I certainly agree that there is a place for a discuss but I surely know that there is a much needed place for ACTION. Many who desire better have been the worst critics of those who want go beyond desiring better to act and push for better. This has to stop as we must build a critical mass of progressive minds who believe they can use what they have to get what they want. What do they have? Numbers!! A population of  people who in one way or the other contribute to the economy of the land, have developed capacity to lead in whatever sphere of life that they are, have become a VOICE for the right values by which we ought to live and possess a genuine hunger for better run, managed and led Nigeria. What do they want? A NEW NIGERIA.

Over the next few days, permit me to share my vision for this New Nigeria. I BELIEVE in what the future holds for our nation if ONLY we would arise and build the nation. May the labour of these present heroes not be in vain.

Keep walking the Pathway of Champions

God bless you

God bless the Federal Republic of NigeriaIMG_1346_edit_edit_edit




My Thanksgiving…in celebration of my natality..20122017


Great morning Champs.

What a joy to write and share whats upon my heart this morning even as I celebrate another birthday with immense gratitude.I am so full of gratitude to my heavenly father, my God who is ever so mindful of me. His love for me is unparalleled and most certainly unrivaled. I am grateful for the vision for the Pathway of Champions that He laid in my heart over a decade ago…a vision that calls and equips me to build people and in extension,build nations by igniting a fiery pursuit of excellence that unveils the best version of men and women across the cities of our dear nation and beyond. I am grateful for the opportunity to stand with others at the forefront of challenging the world to its best version in-spite of all the negativity,pain and anguish all around us. On the days that it seems really bleak and I feel the tremendous weight of responsibility upon my tired shoulders, I remind myself of the truth that I am equiped to excel and I am wired to win. On the days that I succumb to weakness and indulge in things that I ought not to, there is a quickening within me that reminds me that there is much more to me than there is to any situation or mess I might have found myself in! For all of these, I am grateful.

I am grateful for the gift of my family…my lovely wife, who has had to endure so much being married to me….Eky , its time to be the best version of a hubby to you. I love you deeply. To my sons, J & B, I love you more than words can convey, it has been a real honor fathering you and being friends to you…watching you both grow over the years and seeing the Hand of God upon you every single day of your life thus far! I look forward to nurturing you into full grown men even as you keep walking the pathway of champions.

To my parents , DR & MRS NJ USOROH and siblings NK, ITORO and IMA with their families..thank you for loving me unconditionally..for being there..a real support system..a Family!! I cherish you deeply and truly. what I am today is a function of growing up through the years with you by my side. I learnt and have adopted something for each one of you. Thank you!!

To my friends, mentees and everybody who believes in this Champ and the Pathway of Champions vision…thank you for believing in me. Together, we can change our narrative. We can build a better nation, Nigeria. We can promote the right values, we can learn to stand against the wrong things that destroy us. We can become a formidable army of thought leaders who become a critical mass and give proper leadership to this nation and to our world. I will never stop giving what I can to make this nation better but more than that I am counting on you to do even more! We can take our place in the center even as we emerge as solution providers to the ilk of our broken generation!

this is my thanksgiving..20122017

keep walking the Pathway of Champions



…and DECEMBER is upon us


…and DECEMBER is upon us …

Good morning Champions,

Hey! Welcome to the awesome month of December… there is no denying my excitement as we reflect upon the 11 months gone by and yes…prepare for the next 12 months of the forthcoming year. I know that it has been such tough year for some and a great year for others….whilst our experiences might vary, our expectations for the future should be the same really, being extremely high and focused on purpose fulfilling targets and milestones! In the last 11 months, I have gone through a huge learning curve…I have dealt with uncertainty, I have experienced joy and pain, I have witnessed a global shift, I have had to do a relationship audit and also deal with the reality of a depressed economy whilst looking for new opportunities to deliver value. Guess what? Through it all, I have found the deepest level of fulfillment in knowing that I am on the right track, fulfilling purpose. Every single day when I wake up, I draw strength from the quiet assurance that God gives me when HE reminds me of the vision that HE gave to me by way of the Pathway of Champions Initiative. A move that would entail imbibing the right values that make for a better people and ultimately a better world.

Many years ago, some folks told me that it was a lofty idea, that it was too big to achieve and that Nigeria was not ready for that type of culture shift……… I understood why they would say so for many reasons…one being that right values appeared to be something in scarcity or fast disappearing and there was a generation that had gotten used to the wrong things and wouldn’t even know what to shift to (even if they wanted to). I understood the limitations of their perspective but clearly realized that these same folks were the first ones that I had to impact. If it is indeed true that everybody is within 5 persons of the other, then it is true that my influence on you can indirectly be an influence to somebody that you know and I don’t. My mentor and big brother, Fela Durotoye, told me earlier this year that we are like candles in a room with only one candle lit and we can transfer the flame from one candle to another…one after the other until the whole room is lit up….. I concur! ……That’s why I am glad about a father that called me the other day to tell me how focused his son had become on his academics after following my blog for a while and how the boy’s friends as well had changed for the better! My heart is gladdened by the people who have decided to settle for nothing less than the best version of themselves because they identify with the Pathway of Champions “idea”…………..Or the young girl in her mid-twenties that sent me an email, telling me how she found strength to hold on through a tough season because she understood that she was wired to win and equipped to excel hence being empowered to outlast her storm!!! These and so many other real life examples encourage me. They strengthen me to keep my eyes on that vision and that’s why, things are about to go to a whole new level. I am so fired up and expectant what’s to come…….It is time to stretch, folks…..

This isn’t just about me, this is about you too. It is about attaining the best version of YOU because, remember, the best project that you would ever work on is YOU. I will keep saying it….the best gift that you can ever give to your world is the best version of YOU!  There are just so many people that I can ever hope to reach…… there are significantly much more that YOU and I can reach together… if I have ever inspired you to be the best, then go out there and inspire someone else to be the best too! We owe it to our generation to collectively lead ourselves right. The more people who have the right values and are striving to attain excellence, the better our nation would be…. We would have better doctors, better development workers, better police officers, better teachers and educators, better judges and better administrators…better politicians too and yes, better citizenry!  This is why we need to get our priorities right and develop ourselves so that we can develop the much needed capacity to handle the business of leadership and governance be it socio, corporate or political.

For me and the Pathway of Champions Initiative, 2017 has been a year of great impact. We are going to reach out a lot more on a myriad of platforms. You should watch out for what is coming! It’s all about making impact. What kind of impact do you see yourself making in the year ahead? What would you be known for? What would you stand up for? What would you stand against? No matter who you are or what you do, strive for excellence and impact the lives of others. Influence your world right.

Once again, welcome to the month of December… my month of birth.  Watch out for the 2017 edition of “In Celebration of my Natality”

Keep walking #thepathwayofchampions




Taking that decision….

Good morning Champs,

Its a great day to be alive. as we edge closer to the end of the year 2017, I feel a strong sense of gratitude for the days gone by..tough days but most importantly days in which I have learnt so much, days in which I found new strength and my resolve to get stronger and better is like never before. Many times in life we find ourselves confronted with situations that could have been all together avoided if only we had taken the right decisions and done things differently.At these times, we wonder what we were thinking…which is why the quality of our decisions are extremely important to how we navigate the terrains of life. The quality of the decisions is dependent on our values and the information that we have pertaining to the decisions we want to make.  This is why imbibing the right values is all important as it shapes all that we do. Our information base is also important as what we know serves as our resource when taking decisions.

Lets go to the basics….In psychology, decision-making is regarded as the cognitive process resulting in the selection of a belief or a course of action among several alternative possibilities. Every decision-making process produces a final choice, which may or may not prompt action.
Decision-making is the process of identifying and choosing alternatives based on the values, preferences and beliefs of the decision-maker.. Ultimately we go through a process in decision making whether we are conscious of it or not. we weigh our thoughts and information on a scale of BURDENS VS BENEFITS and then based on our values and information available we choose what we perceive to be the benefit over the burden.

Lets have look at the generally accepted steps of the Decision Making Process
The following are the seven key steps of the decision making process.

1.) Identify the decision….. The first step in making the right decision is recognizing the problem or opportunity and deciding to address it. Determine why this decision will make a difference.
2.) Gather information…… Next, it’s time to gather information so that you can make a decision based on facts and data. This requires making a value judgment, determining what information is relevant to the decision at hand, along with how you can get it. Ask yourself what you need to know in order to make the right decision, then actively seek out anyone who needs to be involved.

3.) Identify alternatives. Once you have a clear understanding of the issue, it’s time to identify the various solutions at your disposal. It’s likely that you have many different options when it comes to making your decision, so it is important to come up with a range of options. This helps you determine which course of action is the best way to achieve your objective.
4.) Weigh the evidence……. In this step, you’ll need to “evaluate for feasibility, acceptability and desirability” to know which alternative is best. You need to be able to weigh pros and cons,Benefits vs burdens then select the option that has the highest chances of success. It may be helpful to seek out a trusted second opinion to gain a new perspective on the issue at hand.
5.) Choose among alternatives. When it’s time to make your decision, be sure that you understand the risks involved with your chosen route. You may also choose a combination of alternatives now that you fully grasp all relevant information and potential risks.
6.) Take action. Next, you’ll need to create a plan for implementation. This involves identifying what resources are required and gaining support from employees and stakeholders. Getting others onboard with your decision is a key component of executing your plan effectively, so be prepared to address any questions or concerns that may arise.
7.) Review your decision. An often-overlooked but important step in the decision making process is evaluating your decision for effectiveness. Ask yourself what you did well and what can be improved next time. If you find your decision didn’t work out the way you planned, you may want to revisit some of the previous steps to identify a better choice.

So what decisions have you taken and what decisions are you about to take? whats the proposed outcome for that decision? does the outcome fall in line with your values and the things you believe in, the things that you stand for or stand against? do you have enough information to make quality decisions on a particular issue or matter? In the days ahead , the quality of our decisions would make the difference in the YEARS ahead. its time to give attention to our decision making process. Remember, your values and information base would determine the kind of decisions that you make.

The next edition of SPEAKXPRESS is going to be a masterclass on DECISION MAKING and I am looking forward to it.

have a fruitful weekend as you keep walking The Pathway of Champions



Lean on’s a new day

Champs, In the recent weeks, I have been undergoing some serious and deliberate life modification and behavioural changes, of which i have tried in years past but somehow did not get the desired results or outcomes. I recently had an encounter which broke me so that I was no longer wrestling with God as regards certain issues but rather had me leaning heavily on HIM for support,clarity and answers as I had become extremely hungry for help in my seemingly dire circumstance. In other words, I needed God to deliver me from…..myself!!!!!!!!!!

From the day that I could talk or reason,I knew that I was gifted and anointed for a purpose. the vision was clear and because of the profoundness of my vision, I was overwhelmingly blessed with the provision for that vision. However, friends, there is a trouble that comes with being gifted ,so that if you don’t keep your eye on your vision and responsibly appropriate the provision as you should, you stand an extremely great chance of turning your blessings into a curse……all by yourself. hmmmmm. To my limited understanding, I was on course to doing what I was called to do, however whilst that stands to be true,I was on my journey with too much baggage and intellectually looking for ways to justify the baggage. I was gifted but unaccountable….blessed but undisciplined…. anointed but wasteful. At every level of battle which I emerged victorious, I would allow some measure of indiscipline as “reward” for hard work and a good result. I read the story of David in the bible and yet somehow failed to relate it to myself. I simply believed, erroneously, that my gifts would always make a way for me!  the trouble with being gifted. Thank God for a merciful God!


So one day it dawned on me that I was on the verge of losing the most important thing to me and it broke me. By the way, how do you know whats most important to you in life or better put how you decide what are the most important things to you. Well, hear this…..whats most important to you are not necessarily the things or people that you care about or even sir.its okay to love and care deeply about things or people but that is not the determinant of them being the most important in your life. In reality, the most important things or people in your life are the things or people that you cant afford to lose or live without! for example, you may love love your career or your business but if you cant afford to lose a sound relationship with your children or your family then it means that your family or children should have priority over that career or business which then guides you to get your career or business to suit your family. let me go further, if you can not afford to lose the love,care or trust of your spouse then no other human relationship which can cause you to lose the love , care and trust of your spouse should ever take priority over the relationship with your spouse and as such you would never put your self in a position where that happens. get it? well..I didnt for a long time!

So now I was about to lose the important things to me…for the first time ever, it was as clear as daylight and it broke me. I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t wrestle with issues as i had always done..I couldn’t be smart about as I had always been…I didn’t even want to be smart about it even if I could…I simply found my self leaning on God and desperately need Him to fix my mess…yes,my mess..not HIS mess..not anyone else…my mess. I realized that for the first time ever that I wasn’t supporting myself with my gifts or intellect but I was entirely being supported by HIS Grace. My friends, that changed everything for me…my focus, my priorities, my perspective , my taste buds, my understanding….it dawned on me that God loved me too much to leave me the way I was, it was I either came to myself like the prodigal child and returned home or God will permit circumstances that would force me to myself…either way , to myself I would come. it was was painful but it was so that I may fulfill purpose.

To someone out there who is wrestling with God and ignoring all the signs that He has been showing you….who is dealing with struggles that you cant even share with anyone…who is frustrated because deep down on their inside, they know there could be so much more…to you, I say ..Lean on HIM…Lean on HIM like never before…let him carry that burden..He has the power to destroy that yoke. Please,don’t be smart about it. Understand that its only through Him that you can deploy all that He has blessed you with in the right way , in the way that you were meant to.


Stay blessed as you keep walking the Pathway of Champions



10 Characteristics of Top Performers by Richard Parsons

In 30+ years of retail experiences I have had the pleasure of working with thousands upon thousands of people.  Many of them were highly ambitious and motivated to improve their personal and economic situation by moving up “the corporate ladder”.  What follows are 10 common characteristics I have observed that have separated true “Top Performers” from the thousands of others who may have the desire to advance but lack the personal discipline to change themselves in ways that will help them achieve their long term goals.  Consistently applying these characteristics has provided success in many situations over the years, both for myself and for many others I have mentored along the way.

1.  They are high trust individuals; character and competence.  To be successful people have to be able to trust you.  This goes well beyond the basic foundations of being honest, not stealing, etc.  Your track record has to answer tough questions for others…Can he really do what he promised?  Will she push through when things get tough?  Will they admit a mistake and own it?  Will her actions line up with her intentions?  Will people give her the benefit of the doubt if they don’t?  Trust is the foundation for strong relationships which are critical to creating and sustaining high performance.

2.  They manage themselves first.  The best performers are driven to succeed and they recognize that they can’t be hypocritical leaders.  They are self aware, focused on their own continuous improvement, and have a thirst for growth and learning.  They look first at themselves as the potential source of “the problem” and recognize that they must change their approach or develop new skills to achieve a different (and better) outcome.  These are the people that never need scolding when they make a mistake as they are already beating themselves up 10 times worse than you could ever dream of doing.

3.  They don’t bring any baggage.  Top Performers do not bring things into the equation that create difficult situations, hinder performance, or put their supervisor in positions where they feel the need to defend or explain away perceived issues or favoritism.  Everyone has a personal life, problems that arise, imperfections to overcome, temporary crisis’s, and personality quirks that make them unique.  Top Performers possess the ability to manage all these things and keep them from being part of their performance in the workplace.

4.  They align personal goals with company goals.  Achieving the company goal, or solving the company issue, gets them one step closer to their own personal goals.  Their ability to put this into action allows them to embrace change early (and forcefully) and may even get them “charged up” to champion the latest company cause or tackle the most difficult of issues.  This translates into commitment and energy that drives motivation and helps them push past obstacles that would stop others in their tracks.  This energy level also helps to rally groups of people towards common goals that can lead to huge improvements in performance.

5.  They take the toughest assignments.  You have most certainly heard the terms to describe these people…”turn-around specialist, problem solver, troubleshooter, etc”…who always are willing to rise to the challenge and take on the assignment that no one else wants.  Interestingly, while many people view these assignments as “career suicide”, these individuals see it differently.  No where to go but up!!  The more who have failed, the bleaker the outlook, the lesser the chance of success…the MORE they get excited about the opportunity.  They know they can make a difference and that they will get noticed for it when it happens…and at the very least they get the kudos for their willingness to give it their best shot.  I have seen people literally ride the success of the reputation they earned by taking several of these assignments.  Big risk…but also big reward.

6.  They make decisions based on facts.  True, every decision will not have all the facts you would like.  Also true, decisions made on gut feel alone can have huge consequences.  Top Performers are great decision makers and have a unique blend of using their instincts to guide them without allowing their emotions to get the best of them and lead to a poor decision.  They ask great questions, remain calm and focused on the problem at hand, and seek out the data needed to make the best decision possible.  This process of decision making becomes another source of confidence that adds to their ability to consistently repeat their success across more and more diverse situations.

7.  They see the big picture.  “He can’t see the forest for the trees”.  You will never hear that said that about these folks.  They have the ability to zoom in and get deeply immersed into the details to get things done, and then zoom completely back out to maintain the proper perspective of how the issue at hand impacts the larger situation (company, stakeholders, future, etc).  This ability compliments others listed here and results in a laser focus on the right things and an ability to continuously make significant improvements.

8.  They come through for the Boss.  Everyone has heard the phrase “it’s not what you do it’s who you know”.  Well, when you are really great at what you do it’s amazing how many people want to know you.  I have seen a pattern develop many times in my career.  Great leaders (the Boss) are always on the lookout for followers that they can count on to deliver.  Once you deliver for them once, they remember…and many times will bring you more (and larger) assignments and opportunities.  This is a win/win scenario…the Boss looks great because they are delivering results and the Top Performer has a champion in the business who wants them on their team.  As the Boss moves up the Corporate ladder, or to other companies, they are eager to bring their own team of proven winners with them.  This can be a very profitable relationship for many years as long as both parties deliver their part of the bargain.  This is where all the characteristics come together into some significant rewards that can catapult a career.

9.  They are positive – “can do; let’s go”.  A Top Performer has an unshakable confidence that allows them to view almost everything as something they can handle or overcome.  Words like can’t, try, too hard, etc, are not in their vocabulary.  They are abnormally positive about challenging situations and may even relish in the opportunity to show their ability, test themselves, develop new skills, and learn new subjects.  Rest assured, if they set their sights on it you can almost bet that they will be successful…which leads to even more of this crazy optimism that spills into all parts of their life.

10.  They improve every situation.  A true top performer can be counted on to make any and every situation better than it was.  No matter how bad, how hopeless, how many others have failed, etc; there is a confidence in this person that they will always find ways to improve performance, relationships, profitability, morale, etc.  With this confidence comes a tremendous range of differing assignments that provide new experiences, challenges, perspectives, and opportunities to learn new things and develop new skills.  Granted that not all problems can be solved or fixed; but rest assured they will find a way to make it better than it was before they became involved.

These 10 characteristics are common among many that I have observed throughout my career.  I am sure there are many more that could be added to round out this list and I hope that these are helpful to someone looking to make an impact and move ahead.  If you found these valuable please “like” this post and/or leave comments.  Your feedback is both welcomed and appreciated.Richard Parsons

Richard Parsons

Strategic Business Leader, Team Builder, and Problem Solver

keep walking the Pathway of Champions


The Trouble with being GIFTED!

IMG_1346_edit_edit_editGreat morning to you!  Its a new day and another opportunity to get it right again!!!

Over the past weekend I had such an amazing time at SpeakXpress2.0 August edition….it was tagged The Project called YOU and you can see all the pictures on THE PATHWAY OF CHAMPIONS facebook page. Do check them out.

Today ,I am writing on a subject matter I am going to be speaking on at a forthcoming World Youth Day event…its called “THE TROUBLE WITH BEING GIFTED” out for that.
We all have one gift or the other….and that’s a blessing because if properly engaged, our gifts will make a way for us….the dictionary defines a GIFT as “a special ability or capacity; natural endowment; talent…” So at a surface level, it SHOULD simply mean that your gifting gives an added advantage in certain areas……but wait a doesn’t always turn out like that….does it?

Do you know that there are certain issues that come with being gifted and that is just what I am talking about here…it’s so important because far too many “would-have-been-champions” who are blessed and gifted have in one way or another (consciously or not) turned their gifting to burdens or curses…..yes Sir! Sad but so!!!!…  A couple of days whilst sharing my thoughts on this subject,someone asked me how being gifted could possibly have any form of trouble……Great question….and so I answer…..

The first trouble with being gifted is NOT KNOWING THAT YOU ARE GIFTED!!!!……let’s talk some bible..the Bible tells me that GOD would not NEVER give (or allow) us MORE than we can bear…now that speaks to CAPACITY…therefore kindly permit me to rephrase as thus; GOD would not give us more than we are “equipped”, “talented” or “Gifted” to bear!  So it simply means that for your level of gifting,you would attract the same level of challenges or burdens and the way you would overcome these challenges and burdens is by engaging your equipment,talents or gifts……that’s clear,isn’t it? I once said to a prayer group that the Devil DOESNT  fight you at the level of your knowledge…no no….it fights you at the level of your potential. Now imagine with me, that with all these challenges,you don’t even know what your gifts are!!! My Goodness….you surely will have struggles that you seemingly have absolutely no answer to….what are you going to engage??? The Challenges are there because of your gifts and yet you don’t know your gift!!!! Sure sounds like trouble to me. This is why its all too important to daily work towards being the best version of yourself. I certainly believe that you are wired to win and equipped to excel but if you dont activate what is within you,it is of no advantage to you.

Activating your giftings is tied to you understanding where you are going to in life (VISION) and exactly how you are going to get there(MISSION). your MISSION determines the kind of resource, strategy and plan that you would require to attain your VISION. This means you have to ask yourself certain questions and seek answers to them. Questions such as

  • Where am I going to?
  • How do I get there?
  • What do I need to get there?
  • Do I have what i need to get there?
  • How do I get what I need to get there?

Seek,reach deep and you shall find….

Ok! The second trouble that comes with being gifted is being TOO aware of your gifts!!! Yep,we just moved from one extreme to the other!! Being over conscious of gifts makes room for pride which is definitely leads to over dependence on those gifts which can lead to failure if not checked….what do I mean?
So you are great guy with great gifts..then you begin to think you are THAT great and start looking down on other peoples gifts thinking your gifts are sufficient to see you through….forgetting that you are not wired to Win all by yourself (OUCH)…you need the butler to open the door of opportunity to you…you need the traffic man to pass you along the pathway of champions…..but you feel you don’t need them because you got gifts…..then you crash….gifted but failed…..gifted but not delivering ….gifted but stuck!!!! Don’t let your gift stand in your way…you need the next man’s gift as well.

The Trouble with being gifted…. have your gifts ever given you trouble? lets talk about it.

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Have a great day….stay on the Pathway of Champions


SpeakXpress2.0…..The PROJECT CALLED YOU

AU and The Pathway of Champions Initiative presents SpeakXpress2.0 , tagged “THE PROJECT CALLED YOU”  holding on the 5th of August ,2017 at The ROOTHUB , Akees Plaza, Ibb Way in the heart of the city of UYO,AKS


do plan to attend if you are in the city of Uyo. Spread the word. you would also be able to watch us live on my instagram page. I am looking forward to an amazing event

keep walking the Pathway of Champions


Between your here and your there….

Great Champions,

Awesome Monday ahead???? I do certainly hope so…….I have a piece for you today…someone somewhere needs to read this…..come with me……………………….

Perhaps the most difficult part of any process in life is in the transition from one level to the another. Usually this comes with a lot of discomfort, confusion and even pain!!! You are in one place and your mind, heart and entire will is in another…you are having the mindset of a brighter tomorrow and yet you are experiencing the pains and struggles of today……hmmm. Indeed what a seemingly dreadful period or season it can be.  OK, so I have news for you, its all part of the process!!!!! You probably don’t like to hear that much, do you?? please dont slay me yet…just read onIMG_0984.JPG

The key is in understanding the process. The process develops you and grows you. In other words the process matures you.In psychology, Maturity is the ability to respond to an environment or situation in an appropriate manner. You cant talk about a process without talking about time and you most certainly cant talk about maturity without talking about time as well. Maturity requires that you develop patience and resilience without giving in or giving up in the face of a painful or discomforting situation. With maturity, you can go through a situation and not curse anyone (or even God) whilst going through it. birthing something significant comes with quite some pain….ask your mother if you don’t believe me!.  the Process is what qualifies you to have the capacity to ATTAIN and MAINTAIN your there! like i said, it comes with pain, it comes with your getting  tired but it is exactly those discomforts that grow you and strengthen you. The Pain is only a waste if what is birthed is not worth the pain….remember No Price, no Prize!!!!!!.You have to pay the Price to get the Prize. No matter how long it takes between one level and the next, go through it and STAND strong.

One day, a friend jokingly asked me why i was wearing dark sunglasses and i responded aloud to him “my future is too bright!” and guess what?…… the very same goes for you,so go through the process of attaining that bright future.

Recall that Joseph had a promise and yet went through some stuff to get to the Palace. the Palace awaits you so don’t pass out on the journey. don’t faint now. don’t give up now…the Palace awaits you.

keep walking the Pathway of Champion.

Coming up on the 5th of August 2017 is the SpeakXpress 2.0 brought to you by The Pathway of Champions Initiative in collaboration with The Roothub in the city of Uyo,AKS. This edition is themed THE PROJECT CALLED YOU and it promises to be deeply impactful…..I am so looking forward to it. Join us as we shall be streaming live on facebook and on my instagram wall @aniekan10


have a truly amazing week ahead


the BETTER half


Great morning,Champs…I woke up extremely excited about the future. there is so much charge about the mid year and the essential need for a half year self evaluation in order to rightly thrust forward into the second half of the year.Just like a lot of people, I have done same and have come with DOs for the second half of the year and beyond which I am going to be sharing with everyone I interact with…Ready? come with me.

1. Live above fear…..fear is real and there are some things I have had real fear of. However,I have realized that for me to attain the vision that I have, I would have to do it not without my fears but rather IN SPITE of my fears. In order for me to do that I have to live above my above my fears means that I recognize them and then push past them. Omilola Oshikoya captures this aptly in her power phrase: “Doing it afraid”. No matter how making a great move brings out fear in you, go ahead anyway! too many people are stuck in jobs they are most unhappy with and they are afraid to even figure out how they will move forward, too afraid of what a different life would be regardless of how unhappy with the one that they are presently having. Yet the very thing that they desire is on the other side of their fear! with determination and your eyes fixed on your desired outcome, you have to push through the fear. I like to put it this way, believe so much in your dream that it weighs much more than your fear and then use your fear as part of the steeping stones to getting to where you want to get to. LIVE ABOVE YOUR FEAR.

2.You are equipped to excel…..I certainly do believe that everyone is equipped to excel as long as it is at the right assignment. Tale Alimi says that everyone has a niche..Fela Durotoye says that everyone has a garden and you have been equipped with ALL that you need to tend your garden…your garden ..not another person’s garden. applying your gifting and skills in a sphere where you are equipped to function optimally leaves you quite unsuccessful and significantly frustrated which is ,in many regards, what a lot of folks are dealing with now! all these means that you must, as a matter of necessity, find your garden or your purpose and then deploy all that you have to pursue and I bet you high success. Realizing that you equipped to excel also means that whenever you are faced with the issues or challenges that are overwhelming you,its indicative of the fact that you are deploying all that you have been equipped with. After all God said HE would never give us more than we can bear..that’s a settled truth! so it seems that its more than we can bear, it means we haven’t looked well enough at what we have within to deal with the “it”. knowing that you are well equipped should give you the confidence to live above the fear as well.

3. Maintain your equipment…..No matter how well equipped you are, to get ahead in life, if you fail to pay attention to or manage those equipment or harness those skills etc a time will soon come when they will no longer be able to serve you as you need them to. This is why we need to pay attention to our minds, our health, our bodies,our training,our development, our libraries, our relationships etc ..for these are what we have been equipped with! I can personally tell you that no matter how heavy your vision is and how it burns with you, if you don’t pay attention to your health whilst in pursuit of that vision, you stand a great chance of your body failing you by way of poor health which immensely impedes or inhibits you from being as involved in the pursuit of vision as you would loved to be. like myself, I know folks who just keep going on and on at what they do…I can go days without sleep working on one project or the other..I could go through a working day,so deep in work that I don’t remember to grab a meal(on some of those days, I don’t even have any drink)and when you don’t pay attention to your body, it sure has a way of calling you to order! lol. Maintain your equipment also speaks to developing ourselves because in the age of rapid technology, there are always new ways of getting what we do done and if we are not in touch with what delivers the best, then it means we are not the best at what we do!! therefore its then of huge importance that we consistently seek ways to service our knowledge and skill accounts. Same can be said for relationships, they have to be maintained and serviced. Get it?

I trust that these 3 DOs would serve you well in the rest of the year as you get ahead in every area of your life.

On the 1st of July I hosted an event called SpeakExpress which is a hangout event where people come together to chill and discuss issues which relate to excellent performance and personal victories and in that edition we discussed challenges facing startups and nascent businesses in Nigeria. it was quite educative with clear call to actions. The next edition comes up early in August and yes much later in August or September comes THE CHAMPIONS SUMMIT season 2. Do look forward to these events and get as involved as you can.

Together we would keep keep walking the Pathway of Champions