From Worry to Praise

Great morning Champions…

What a great day to be alive!!!! yes, in spite of all the disorder within and without my beloved nation, Nigeria…it still remains a great day to be alive.

Today I am writing on an experience I simply want to tag “from WORRY to PRAISE”……………..There are a zillion reasons why things in our lives or our country or our world may look like its doom bound and will not end right….all around us, there are threats of wars, insurgency of terrorists, flagrant corruption, moral decadence,financial hardship, poor health, dilapidated institutions and evil walks the face of the earth in every sphere of life and every phase of our existence. WORRISOME! …………So the natural inclination for the human mind is to consider the magnitude or the vastness of this degenerated world viz a viz our constrained resources and hindered will…….in other words, you feel a justification to be scared and WORRIED……hmmm….. when failure appears to stand taller than victory…..when light is pale next to a seemingly vibrant darkness!!!!

I know that you have at one time or the other been at this same spot……well, I have….and I probably did worse than you…I considered my skills, competence, connections, resource and could not translate all of those giftings to a resounding victory over life and its challenges. I almost gave in, gave up ,relegated myself mentally to place of just barely surviving instead of riding on the crest of dominion and thriving………. I worried….I worried……..and nothing changed…..NOTHING CHANGED……..N O T H I N G  C H A N G E D.

Then I heard that without faith its impossible to please GOD!!!!….I read that everything that has breath should PRAISE GOD!!!!! (not everything that has breath and doesn’t have issues or challenges)…..and I was told that GOD inhabits the praise of HIS people!!!!….I discovered that the very presence of GOD carries glory and power…..speaking of power, HE is known as the ALMIGHTY GOD…simply means HE possesses all power and all power is HIS to give…hmmmmm…which further means that no power on earth can be compared to HIS power!!!!!!

hear me, my friend…as long as you keep on worrying, as long as you keep on believing that your challenges outweigh you, you are saying to God that you don’t acknowledge HIM, right here right now, as the ALMIGHTY…you are saying I know you were powerful yesterday but i really dont think you are that powerful today. OH! You didnt think about it that way????????

Get your praise on…things happen when you look up to the heavens….Praise Him being fully persuaded that He who gave you a purpose and a destiny would see you through to His expected end…believe NOT the lie of the enemy..I speak from my personal experience…..Praise would bail you out..His presence liberates….His power breaks any and every hold.

I am not a preacher but I had to hola at you this Friday morning…its time….to switch from WORRY to P R A I S E!

keep walking the Pathway of Champions





About aniekanusoroh

AU is a business development administrator and service delivery planner who is sold out to the "there is a better way" concept..the pursuit of excellence!...thus birthing the Pathway of Champions initiative which is a movement that calls for a personal dedication to commit to excellence in every phase and sphere of life....

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