Dear Champ,

In a few days from now, we would have to come to the mid point of the year 2014, monthwise….and I believe its a perfect time for us to slow down, unplug from all the things and situations round about us and simply…….YES…simply give GOD praise! someone is asking..exactly what are we praising God for, with all the mayhem around us..wars all over the world, terrorism and insurgent attacks on a staggering global rise……what exactly is there to praise God for????  well, my dear buddy, I hear you..loud and clear. I am not in anyway in denial of the evil of the day but I rejoice in the knowledge of the ONE that created the day!!! 

You know, one of the many problems we have is that folks are so ungrateful and in addition to that…so forgetful!! We forget all the awesome things that have come our way since January and act like like they dont really matter. I used to be like that until I escaped death ,getting a new lease on my physical human life and later escaped spiritual degeneration, now getting an all important lease on my spiritual life. I learnt to be grateful for every day, for having the right people in my life, for an opportunity to love and be loved, for being able to plan a future with my wife, for being able to raise two sons, for two sons to even start with, for a good job and prospects of a great one, for access to the mercy and grace of God…….for being able to write and share this piece with you.

this is a great time to praise God for the great things HE has done and yes….for the awesome things HE is set to do for you and I and whatever nation of the world you live. the Greatest book say….count your blessings (measure and consider) name them one by one (identify and recognize) and it would surprise YOU what the Lord has done. 

Now, my friend…go ahead..cast your mind back..being fully persuaded in HIS awesomeness….and…P R A I S E GOD!!!

Keep walking the Pathway of Champions



About aniekanusoroh

AU is a business development administrator and service delivery planner who is sold out to the "there is a better way" concept..the pursuit of excellence!...thus birthing the Pathway of Champions initiative which is a movement that calls for a personal dedication to commit to excellence in every phase and sphere of life....

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