Manage that Passion and Giftings…part2

and yes……….its another awesome day, another awesome working week and yes another opportunity for us to get better. so…….Great morning Champs!!!!!!!!images (8)

I am on the second part of my series called Manage that Passion and Giftings (though it is coming a few days late) and wow ……thank you for all those calls , sms and emails with all the questions…..I am thinking I will just post your questions with responses sometime at the end of the series to wrap it up….great idea????

I have no doubt that everybody is blessed with one or more talents, is passionate about one thing or the other….the sad thing is that for a whole lot of people that’s where it ends really…nothing more..gifted but not applying the gifts…passionate but doing about absolutely nothing with your passion. hmmmmm truly sad. Your passion should make your world, your sphere of influence a better place to live in…it should solve problems for your world thus creating value that your world appreciates and is willing to pay for!!!

I grew up loving to talk…I identified early a passion for speaking. I would sit in front of the tv and watch presidents, public figures give thoroughly intrigued me to watch them articulate ideas and concepts and deliver them in a way i found completely enjoyable. i knew from that age that there was a “way” to speak. i listened to preachers, I listened to teachers and had visions of me addressing people….I spoke so much as a kid, my folks thought I would be a lawyer…I spoke my way into trouble..I spoke my way out of trouble…I simply loved to speak ..then I noticed that when I spoke,i got and held attention….that got me thinking…because it occurred to me that if I spoke and people listened and they,most times, took decisions based on what they heard from me, then it meant that I had a responsibility to be mindful of what I say !!!!!! (hmmm, I will tell you about that another day…do remind me)…………………….but remember at this point I was just speaking to people I knew …I knew there was a “way” to speak but I hadnt gotten there. I also knew I had to find my way “there” if I was going to ever ignite my passion for speaking. I knew had work to do…………..

hmmmmm…join me tomorrow as I tell you how I transited from merely speaking to being paid to speak…to being paid well to speak and thats just one of the things I doanispeaks……thats my story …what’s yours??? how are you managing that passion??

see you next time.

keep walking #thepathwayofchampions



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AU is a business development administrator and service delivery planner who is sold out to the "there is a better way" concept..the pursuit of excellence!...thus birthing the Pathway of Champions initiative which is a movement that calls for a personal dedication to commit to excellence in every phase and sphere of life....

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