Great Morning Champs,

indeed what an awesome day to be alive……Yesterday I was honored to speak at an awesome event tagged THE BIG BREAK MOMENT powered by the Model Mark crew and Faith Foundation church (SALEM) in Abuja…..what an awesome moment it was sharing the platform with such phenomenal folks like Blossom Nnodim , Tayo Folorunsho and the great Revd Isaiah Sam Amaga Jr.     simply awesome.

below is the script of what I spoke about. I do hope to upload the full video soon enough..

are you ready???……………………………read on



Good morning distinguished ladies and gentlemen…..good morning to those who have been called to have dominion upon the face of the earth…good morning to world changers and to all the game changers all over this auditorium….

All protocols observed…………………………..

I am going to spend the next few minutes of my life and your life speaking to you on the subject matter tagged..”Job creation, challenges and opportunities in Nigeria….from Passion to wealth” ….or if you like, you can call it.. ”USING YOUR PASSION AS A KEY TO YOUR EMPOWERMENT” which is what I really want to talk to you about this morning………………………..

Permit me to share some facts which would serve as a foundation to our discourse this morning…

Nigerian Economic growth rate hovers at about 7.2 percent which really should be great news except for the fact that 40 million young Nigerians are still unemployed….experts tell us the our beloved nation, Nigeria needs to create 25 million jobs over the next 10 years if it is offer any form of work to new graduates or entrants and at the same time half the current unemployment situation. In fact, unemployment has taken a new face globally and degenerated into a truly worrisome proportion within and outside Nigeria.

The Challenges facing job creation and unemployment stare us glaring in the face…you know them..poor electricity, inadequate access to finance, high cost of finance, poor transportation, unfriendly tax regime, corruption, inadequately trained or a grossly unhirable workforce…..hmmmmm

But hear me, A man with divine perspective always looks beyond the problem for inherent opportunities….thats why I want to open your mind to the blue oceans, to the possibilities and opportunities before you and more than that how to ensure that you qualify , develop the capacity, to be able to seize these opportunities….are you ready???……ARE YOU READY??

You may have heard the saying that IDEAS RULE THE WORLD….it simple means the greatest move you see today…the biggest companies…the organizations you and 40 million others are applying to…the consulting firms, the banks, they all started from an idea..yes, an idea…what we are doing today…started from an idea ..for mental stirrings give birth to great strategies.

The good news is that the best ideas you would ever have would come out of the passions that God has placed within you….which tells me that you need to prepare to pay attention to your passion which holds the key to your empowerment…….your giftings and skills set that you have ,God given, are tied to your passion……the work that you will do is tied to your skill set and giftings….the money and influence that you will make is tied to the work that you do and …….. the value of the work you do determines how much money you can make or how much more you can keep working…….because in today’s world , nobody is going to value what you do unless what you do solves problems for them…….So you don’t create WEALTH if you don’t give VALUE, you can’t give value if YOU are not solving problems, You can’t solve PROBLEMS if you are don’t have skills or gifts…your gifts and talents are tied to your Passion.

WHAT IS YOUR PASSION????????????????????????????????

I strongly believe that your ability to create anything inclusive of a job, wealth or anything of positive influence lies in your passion…

Because to create wealth you must first be able to master your PASSION. Wealth creation is actually not about creating wealth but about creating value in the world.

We all have unique and varied talents, most that seem to defy being translated into wealth creation, but somewhere someone needs you. Your special weird abilities and talents. All you have to do is believe in it and it will eventually find you.

What are you doing about your passion? How are you managing your passion????…igniting your passion…???

Procrastination is the killer of success. Immediate action creates momentum. Repetition of positive thought sustains it.

If you have any idea of positive significance or there is ever anything you want to do….then I will suggest you take the time to learn how to do it PROPERLY…. Work on your skills… DEVELOP THE RIGHT HABITS…..DO THE THINGS THAT YOUR GIFTINGS TO YOUR BEST POSSIBLE LEVEL……..Strive to take them beyond the ordinary to the extra ordinary…then do the extra ordinary in an extra ordinary way. The world would pay attention to you ….you would jobs, empower yourself and empower your world…

That’s how CHANGE comes…..through you..through me

Keep walking the Pathway of Champions


Thank you







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AU is a business development administrator and service delivery planner who is sold out to the "there is a better way" concept..the pursuit of excellence!...thus birthing the Pathway of Champions initiative which is a movement that calls for a personal dedication to commit to excellence in every phase and sphere of life....

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