Great morning to you…….hey,just another question……what’s your passion? Is your passion profiting you???…..
Ok,ok…what am I on to today?…

Your passion is not just any entrepreneurial business idea that makes you money. There’s a big difference between turning your passion into profit, and simply turning a profit. Any business can make you money. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with finding a lucrative business and using it to create the reality you dream of. In fact, if more people would simply do that, the level of happiness in the world would increase tenfold. However, a passion-centered business answers to a higher calling. Even profitable business vehicles will often fail to sustain your interest, and eventually fail simply because they are not meeting your spiritual needs. You may have some success, but may still end up looking for something else later. It’s that something else that I am talking about here.

A passion is also NOT someone else’s idea of what you should be doing. Even though you can and will use other people’s observations about your talents and strengths in figuring out your passion, the final choice should be something that you decide is important to you. “My dad thinks I’d make a great doctor” is not a valid reason to pursue that profession. A passion cannot be an obligation or someone else’s vision for you. It must be yours and yours alone

One of the most common tendencies people have when they start thinking about doing something they love is to start looking to standard professions. They hold out the hope that changing professions will offer them a means of escape from the monotony and lack of fulfillment of their present form of incarceration, err.., I mean employment. Unaccustomed to thinking about making money in ways other than those with names like lawyer, social worker and accountant, they make choices within those boxes.

It’s time, however, to think outside the box. As you search for your passion, don’t make the mistake of simply trading one form of employment for another. While it’s true that some jobs may be more satisfying than others, and that you can get degrees of fulfillment from various forms of employment, what I am talking about here is something completely different. We’re not looking for an existing box within which to fit ourselves. We’re starting with our 
dreams, and making our own box from scratch.
Open your mind to the possibilities that your passion can give you and by all means go for it!!!
Your Desire is Your Resume;Your Results are your degree! Its all up to you!!! Its all up to you!!

 keep walking the Pathway of Champions



About aniekanusoroh

AU is a business development administrator and service delivery planner who is sold out to the "there is a better way" concept..the pursuit of excellence!...thus birthing the Pathway of Champions initiative which is a movement that calls for a personal dedication to commit to excellence in every phase and sphere of life....

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