IT’S GUEST CORNER featuring Molekor of stylebymolekor.comM

Its Friday, Champs…and an awesome day to be alive….

today I am going to be featuring a guest Champion..someone who I believe is doing great job managing her passion like I have been writing about over the last few weeks….my guest today is MOLEKOR ADEYINKA , an Abuja based stylist.

Go ahead and read her interview and………………BE INSPIRED!


Molekor Adeyinka

AU:. who is Molekor Adeyinka and what do you do??
MOLEKOR: I am a consistent, focused introvert who enjoys writing, doing things  that draw from one’s creativity and involves using your hands whether It’s interior designing, drawing, fashion and make up.I also love working with fresh ideas. I am a wife, mother and a personal stylist from the British College of professional styling UK who specializes in creating the best looks and wardrobes for individuals to fit their style personalities, lifestyles and bodies. It’s a great job because through my creativity, I get to help build confidence that comes with knowing you look good. You look good means you’ll feel good and if you feel good you’ll carry the confidence you need to achieve results at work, home or where ever you are.

AU:. Do you have a brand name?
MOLEKORYes, It’s Style by Molekor. I have a style blog with the same name where I write about personal style, tips and ideas on creating your own personal style identity, trend updates,designers, fashion events and also talk about  places to shop awesome and trendy fashionable pieces, from clothes to accessories. You definitely will learn all you need to create  a functional wardrobe for yourself and build the kind of self confidence that goes with owning a wardrobe that makes you always turn out looking your best!

AU:. Where did your journey start from and what in your  journey have you found most valuable for what you do today?
MOLEKOR: I am a creative person, always have been…always will be.I enjoy fashion though my personal  style is actually classic/ minimalist with a mix of romantic. I enjoy shopping for clothes, discovering beautiful things whether It’s in clothes or for the home and  I like to expess myself on paper. When you are creative It’s easy for you to go into different creative things  and still be in your element whether It’s from painting, to sketching to designing or in my case from Make up, to creating romantic experiences to fashion and style. It’s a flow that feels comfortable and one builds you up for the next. God has put so much in us and while some people can find one specific thing they are good at and stick to it all through their lives, many of us are able to explore all that we can be by the opportunities God gives us. It is with that understanding that I decided to study professional styling even though It’s still fresh in these parts- Abuja,  but I don’t believe you should only feel comfortable doing things because others do them. We are all made unique and we should be comfortable and confident enough to explore our uniqueness. Personal styling is all about uniqueness,  making yourself or the person you are styling feel unique and comfortable even if they are trying out an outfit or a look they’ve never tried before. I can only attempt to succeed in doing that if I can put myself in my client’s shoes. Styling is not about being fashionable.. many people can dress themselves to look good and trendy and if they can afford it, to wear high end designer clothes and accessories. It’s about being creative and paying attention to detail. To be successful depends more on such and other  personal qualities which I have developed over the years.

with Molekor, style is everything...............

with Molekor, style is everything……………

AU:. where do you see yourself in another 12 months
MOLEKOR: I want to have clients whose lives have been made better by me entering it, better more productive lifestyles made so merely by my styling  influence.
I love reaching people I may never see through my blog. I want to increase the number of readers who are consistent because of what they gain from their visits to my blog. I want to consistently bring the relevant  information they know they can get every time they visit presented in fun and visually inspiring ways.


AUWhats your most favorite quote on managing passions
MOLEKOR: If you dream it, then do it! It doesn’t matter if you fail, mistakes are proof that you are trying. Many of the world’s most successful people will tell you: they tried so many times and so many different things before they got to where they are. In the end, nothing is more powerful than  an idea whose time has come!

Molekor can be reached on.

 and that’s a wrap! lol
Just like Molekor, you can also make your passion work for you…its what you are equipped with.
have an awesome weekend as you keep…..walking the Pathway of Champions

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