MY THANKSGIVING 20122014…………………

Great morning to you Champ…its certainly an awesome day to be alive. for a few days I have been considering taking up the very now famous “7 day Thanksgiving/Praise Challenge” partly due to the many invitations I received and perhaps even more to a deep stirring in heart to pen down my gratitude to my God….so I sum up my 7 day challenge in ONE swoop.

I am extremely grateful to God for being God in my life….for His word, grace, compassion, mercy, favor and anointing. I am grateful to God for His blessings . For being with me during my down-times and for bringing me out of my down-times…for loving me in-spite of me…for correcting me when i go wrong, do the silliest things or take Him, His anointing, His anointed ones and His blessings in my life for granted. I thank God for being there in my wilderness experience, in my burning bush encounter when men failed me (as I also have failed them), when people showed yet again how desperately wicked the hearts of men can be, when men thought it was all over……God was there for me showing me that it wasn’t the END but rather a BEND..GOD was the one who saw me through His redemption process in my life. Indeed HE is might to save.

Aniekan thanksgiving

Eky and I…Sometime in 2013….

I am in awe as regards the gift of family. My Ekybabes aka “Pompy”, Itoro-Obong Joseph and Ini-Abasi Benjamin!!!!! you guys are simply amazing..   Eky, I know I haven’t always been there and I haven’t always been as sweet as I should have been (not all the time ooo)..we have been through some bit these past eight and half years and cold…spicy and not…but I am deeply grateful that we have the chance to get better and better….you know how that song goes…”it feels good loving somebody when somebody loves you back”…yes, it does feel good…….I am grateful for your love, I am grateful for your desire of a better me and a better us….I love you..deeply and truly. thank you for being a truly wonderful wife. Thank you, Pompy

the Aniekan Usoroh icons……Itoro Joseph and Ini Benjamin .

To my JoJo and Benji….Daddy’s heartbeat..I love you. Thank you for being such great kids…Intelligent, God loving, family conscious/centered kids. I love to listen to you, speak with you, be with you and watch you grow….I am grateful that God chose you both to be very special to HIM. I love you.

Here is my promise to you boys: I am committed to being the best father, as God designed, to you..I commit to raise you to be real men, strengthened by the love of God and your parent’s love. I commit to spend great time with you..teaching you what you need to walk the Pathway of Champions, empowering you so you don’t have to make the mistakes I made and be a true example of who a father and a Champion is to you. Again..I love you

I am grateful to God for my Parents..You are such great leaders to me…Real Champions, you are,…you know I love and adore you immensely.

Aniekan Usoroh and Parents...Dr and Mrs N.J Usoroh

Aniekan Usoroh and Parents…Dr and Mrs N.J Usoroh

To my siblings, Nkene, Itoro and Ima, heaven bless you for being perfect sibs (you know what I mean) thank you for being there!!!!!! To my inlaws and cousins..the Ukoyens, The Babalolas, the Ikiddehs, the Ikotts, the Odegbo-Olukoyas, the Edukeres….to the whole family….you have, in significant ways, shaped me….so that even I went wrong, i knew how to find my way back to right!!!!….thank you for standing by me..thank you for speaking into my life..thank you for believing in me..I am grateful. You certainly give a fresh definition to the word family!

Also grateful for friends and yes…enemies….you make me better!….for my friends, you have been true angels in my life…you reached out even in the darkest have been there in the good times,too..hahahaha…..I cant forget you, I will never forget you. To my “enemies”..thank you…you only made me stronger…and like the song goes by God’s grace “ten years from now we would still on TOP…..”

I am thankful for my career, my skills, talents and giftings….I am thankful for the works of my hands..I am thankful for every opportunity that has been given to me to make impact via the works of my hands. I am thankful for every money I have ever made..every income, every revenue, every fund I have ever had access to….I am grateful, Lord.

I am grateful for my fathers in the faith, who in many ways have guided my thoughts and shone the light along the pathway of salvation for me. I am grateful to my mentors, who have significantly broken down barriers for me, who have opened my eyes to the possibilities of the application of the greatness within my core, who have inspired me to reach out for more….I say thank you to you all!!!

I was #borntospeak

I am thankful for finding purpose..I am thankful for the Pathway of Champions initiative..I am thankful for every single life that God has given me the honor to impact upon….

And yes….I am thankful for another birthday 20/12/14…another anniversary of my “natality”…..To God be the glory…indeed He is a Miracle worker..he took this boy and made him a Champion, blessed him beyond measure, opened doors for him, caused His light to shine upon him, redeemed Him from the murky waters of sin and made him a showcase for ALL to see His Glory and Might. HE is mighty to save……………..

join me to to declare How GREAT OUR GOD IS!!!!!

Cheers to an awesome 2015. keep walking the Pathway of Champions

My name is Aniekan Usoroh and this is my thanksgiving 2014.

AU (the pathway of Champions)


About aniekanusoroh

AU is a business development administrator and service delivery planner who is sold out to the "there is a better way" concept..the pursuit of excellence!...thus birthing the Pathway of Champions initiative which is a movement that calls for a personal dedication to commit to excellence in every phase and sphere of life....

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