The Project called YOU (Identity…Purpose..and Long term intention)

Dear Champion,

its certainly a great day to be alive!!!!  …………and like I always say its another opportunity to do it better. Today,I am writing on a piece I have tagged “The Project called YOU“. I find myself so excited writing and speaking on this topic even as I have deliberately over the last few months embarked on self discovery mode….and boy, what a revelation!!!!..hmmmmm.

Ready???? okay, lets do this….

I came across a poster the other day that had a bold inscription and it said ” the best Project that you would ever work on is YOU”  and I totally agree with it..The best project you’ll ever work on is you!
Take time to take care of yourself! What areas of your life can you improve?

The best You is the best gift that you can give to the world you live in and that’s an absolute truth. However being the best you involves you understanding yourself. Now there are three questions that I consider as being absolutely essential in understanding yourself and hence figuring out how to deliver the best YOU to the world…the three questions are…(drums rolling)

  1. Who are you?
  2. Why are you here??
  3. Where are you going to from here???

These 3 power questions provide a platform for you to provide clarity and direction in understanding the project YOU. They represent the concept of identity, purpose and long term intention.

See, my friend, understanding who you are shapes your ideology, perspectives and what you value or honor. Who you are is sum total of your beliefs and values. Who you are is not your circumstance or the next person’s desire of who he or she wants you to be. Who you are is what qualifies and equips you for your purpose and destiny. Are you a catalyst of change? are you a solutions provider?? Are you value creator??? Who are you??

Answering the question, why you are here, demands that there is some understanding of purpose. Understanding purpose eliminates any tendency of abuse and makes for deep consideration of impactful relevance of your “Here”..”Here” could mean different things to different folks but in definition, “here” is your present circumstance, situation or scenario…”Here” is where you are in the timeline of your life or project or as a friend of mine likes to put it, “here” is where you are in the scheme of things!!!!!!

Having a long term intention is pivotal to being successful in life. where you are going to calls for some decision taking. for example, you would need to decide how to get there. You would also need to decide what you need to get the “how” done. In addition to that, you would need to decide what you would need to get rid of now in order to be able to get there….hmmmmm decisions! Because of your long-term intention, you will willingly make some sacrifices today… will push harder in some aspects today…because of your long term intention. I have often realised that because I want to maintain/attain a certain body weight in a few weeks, I simply must pass on those creamy juicy chicken wings and those blessed chocolate bars…..and yes those late night snacks as well. it doesn’t just stop there, I push myself hard to run laps every morning and lift weights and do those squats and sit-ups and…..!!!!!!!!!..Just because of my long term intention. it is said that those who desire to get to the top, are very mindful of what they do whilst at the bottom.

Identity, purpose and long term intention…..know these and you are on the path to delivering the best project that you would ever work…….YOU!!!!!!!

In closing, here is a part of a write-up I did 8 years go:


You…yes You….You made it through yesterday, through the intricate complexity called life…you had thought processes that resulted in a forward movement,progress,growth….and even when it did not result in that movement, you learnt from it, you searched within… dug deeper and went for it all over again…..You dealt with joy, you dealt with pain…Someone stood up for you, opened a door for you, stood behind you….another stabbed you in the back,said stuff about you, easily believed the worst of you,tried to bring you down…Someone gave you a chance,Another gave you none….you laughed hard and you wept profusely ………..You have courage yet you knew fear……You went through all. of that; the fire and rain..the storm and the calm…the joy and the pain….and here you are,up early…getting ready for another day….looking at yourself in the mirror and saying to the world “bring it on!!!” You know why???? Do you know why???

You are a Champion!!!!!”

let the change begin with you..............



keep walking #thepathwayofchampions



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AU is a business development administrator and service delivery planner who is sold out to the "there is a better way" concept..the pursuit of excellence!...thus birthing the Pathway of Champions initiative which is a movement that calls for a personal dedication to commit to excellence in every phase and sphere of life....

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