Do you have your eye on the future???

Great morning Champs

Thank God for yet another awesome day to do it better! So much has been going on this year already…. Across the world, this month is literally seen as a month of resetting, of a fresh or new beginning….and that helps ignite our drive for the new year. I had a meeting yesterday with my staff and associates and one thing I clearly noticed everyone spoke of plans for the future and what we had to get done or what we had to change…..they spoke of the future. My question this morning is… you have your eye on the future???th(13)

Champs, it is true that that there is always a future however what we must understand is that we, in many regards,determine the kind of future we step into. We have to,as a matter of necessity, prepare for the future. The future is the Outcome of our actions and in actions today! The seeds we plan today will be the trees of tomorrow. Keeping your eye on the future means having a long term intention and when you have long term intention, you are very careful that what you do in your today doesn’t jeopardize your long term intention!!! It’s often said that daily activities add up to bring about a paradigm shift……do you have your eye on the future??

Keeping your eye on the future helps you and I endure temporal situations or pain in our today that have the capacity to derail us or shift our focus if we don’t have a firm grip on what our desired outcomes should be. Life has its way of throwing all sorts of distractions our way, every single day. Some are pronounced, others are subtle but the main aim is to get you to narrowly focus on your now and your immediate pain rather on the future and the gain!…don’t lose focus, Champs….dont win the battle and lose the war!00ffe94cba77d703501655fe3f26eb9e

Having long term intention or keeping your eye on the future means you would not always have the easiest choices today…it means that you would make some sacrifices today…it means that there are battles you won’t get involved in, relationships that you would let go of, Partnerships that you would seek out, lifestyles that you would drop…..ohhhh, it won’t be the easiest of paths….but I guarantee you that those choices are along the Pathway of Champions. Ask yourself, Champ,how what you do today will contribute meaningfully to the future that you desire?? Ask yourself what you need to be doing that aligns with the future you desire?? You need to keep your eye on the future so that you don’t ever off course ever so subtly and not know it!!! Keep your eye on the future.

Have an awesome Wednesday as I charge you to keep walking #thepathwayofchampions




About aniekanusoroh

AU is a business development administrator and service delivery planner who is sold out to the "there is a better way" concept..the pursuit of excellence!...thus birthing the Pathway of Champions initiative which is a movement that calls for a personal dedication to commit to excellence in every phase and sphere of life....

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