Part2: Glocalization….thinking global whilst acting local!


Thank God its Monday…another opportunity to do it better!!!
I am so excited about the possibilities that this week brings to you and I. I spent a greater part of the weekend listening to an audio work from one of my mentors, the Great Fela Durotoye and trust me when I say that I had a profitable weekend!!! I hope yours was too……….

Last Friday I started on this all important discuss on Glocalization …a term that fuses globalization and localization together….. Generally it’s a concept of global businesses and brands having a local taint of their various areas of operations. I went further to say that I preferred to interprete Glocalization as local businesses competing globally hence the slogan “thinking global whilst acting local!!!”. I am so glad for the massive feedback I have gotten since Friday on the thinking global whilst acting local concept……really glad. It’s not just enough for international brands like KFC or Johnny rockets to operate in Nigeria and adapt to the Nigerian market when I can’t have Yahuza suya doing same in Ireland, cologne or Amsterdam. Perfect examples of my interpretation of Glocalization can be found with the Nigerians banks e.g. UBA, GTBank, ZENITH amongst others. Nigerian banks with branches operating outside the shores of Nigeria .these are Nigerian brands yet operating under the governing rules of their domicilied locations. However, I certainly do recognize that for our Nigerian businesses to be able to operate that way, a lot of attention must be paid to the internal systems and processes and how we conduct our businesses or deliver our services…… in other words, we must put our house together.
Putting our house in order involves a whole lot of structuring, capacity building and excellence amongst other “needfuls”. In the first part of this series, I mentioned areas that I strongly believe attention should be paid to by every serious entrepreneur and intrepreneur, namely:
Sound business systems and processes
Business ethics
Best practices
Customer service
Vibrant customer service
Let’s talk about business systems and processes. Systems and processes are the framework by which the entirety of your business operations is run. Consider it as the skeleton that supports your body frame! Sound business systems and processes ensure that there is efficiency and effectiveness in how all aspects of operations are carried out which translates to a most sustainable and consistent best output and delivery. Sound business systems and processes eliminate or at least significantly reduce wastages and enhance accountability. It shows what resources are required for what level of operations and throws up needs gaps which can then be filled. Sound business systems and processes make for sound business!!!! Period!
I have looked at and consulted on different basis for some SMEs in Nigeria and it always alarms me as to how haphazard their business processes are! It’s amazing how folks think because their business is at a small scale at the moment, it’s really not necessary to pay attention to their systems and processes. Hardly a wonder why so many of them do not thrive, do not grow and can’t attract any form of investor. Get a good business consultant to review ur processes for you…review the recommendations made and most importantly , begin to apply them now.… Regardless of how small you think that business is, get your house in order… Get better!!
There is more ahead, lets glocalize our businesses.
Keep walking the Pathway of Champions


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AU is a business development administrator and service delivery planner who is sold out to the "there is a better way" concept..the pursuit of excellence!...thus birthing the Pathway of Champions initiative which is a movement that calls for a personal dedication to commit to excellence in every phase and sphere of life....

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