…..and December is upon us

…and DECEMBER is upon us …

Good morning Champions,

Hey! Welcome to the awesome month of December… there is no denying my excitement as we reflect upon the 11 months gone by and yes…prepare for the next 12 months of the forthcoming year. I know that it has been such tough year for some and a great year for others….whilst our experiences might vary, our expectations for the future should be the same really, being extremely high and focused on purpose fulfilling targets and milestones! In the last 11 months, I have gone through a huge learning curve…I have dealt with uncertainty, I have experienced joy and pain, I have witnessed a global shift, I have had to do a relationship audit and also deal with the reality of a depressed economy whilst looking for new opportunities to deliver value. Guess what? Through it all, I have found the deepest level of fulfillment in knowing that I am on the right track, fulfilling purpose. Every single day when I wake up, I draw strength from the quiet assurance that God gives me when HE reminds me of the vision that HE gave to me by way of the Pathway of Champions Initiative. A move that would entail imbibing the right values that make for a better people and ultimately a better world.

Many years ago, some folks told me that it was a lofty idea, that it was too big to achieve and that Nigeria was not ready for that type of culture shift……… I understood why they would say so for many reasons…one being that right values appeared to be something in scarcity or fast disappearing and there was a generation that had gotten used to the wrong things and wouldn’t even know what to shift to (even if they wanted to). I understood the limitations of their perspective but clearly realized that these same folks were the first ones that I had to impact. If it is indeed true that everybody is within 5 persons of the other, then it is true that my influence on you can indirectly be an influence to somebody that you know and I don’t. My mentor and big brother, Fela Durotoye, told me earlier this year that we are like candles in a room with only one candle lit and we can transfer the flame from one candle to another…one after the other until the whole room is lit up….. I concur! ……That’s why I am glad about a father that called me the other day to tell me how focused his son had become on his academics after following my blog for a while and how the boy’s friends as well had changed for the better! My heart is gladdened by the people who have decided to settle for nothing less than the best version of themselves because they identify with the Pathway of Champions “idea”…………..Or the young girl in her mid-twenties that sent me an email, telling me how she found strength to hold on through a tough season because she understood that she was wired to win and equipped to excel hence being empowered to outlast her storm!!! These and so many other real life examples encourage me. They strengthen me to keep my eyes on that vision and that’s why, things are about to go to a whole new level. I am so fired up and expectant what’s to come…….It is time to stretch, folks…..1_17

This isn’t just about me, this is about you too. It is about attaining the best version of YOU because, remember, the best project that you would ever work on is YOU. I will keep saying it….the best gift that you can ever give to your world is the best version of YOU!  There are just so many people that I can ever hope to reach…… there are significantly much more that YOU and I can reach together… if I have ever inspired you to be the best, then go out there and inspire someone else to be the best too! We owe it to our generation to collectively lead ourselves right. The more people who have the right values and are striving to attain excellence, the better our nation would be…. We would have better doctors, better development workers, better police officers, better teachers and educators, better judges and better administrators…better politicians too and yes, better citizenry!  This is why we need to get our priorities right and develop ourselves so that we can develop the much needed capacity to handle the business of leadership and governance be it socio, corporate or political.1_9.jpg

For me and the Pathway of Champions Initiative, 2017 is a year of great impact. We are going to reach out a lot more on a myriad of platforms. You should watch out for what is coming! It’s all about making impact. What kind of impact do you see yourself making in the year ahead? What would you be known for? What would you stand up for? What would you stand against? No matter who you are or what you do, strive for excellence and impact the lives of others. Influence your world right.

Once again, welcome to the month of December… my month of birth.  Watch out for the 2016 edition of “In Celebration of my Natality”

Keep walking #thepathwayofchampions





About aniekanusoroh

AU is a business development administrator and service delivery planner who is sold out to the "there is a better way" concept..the pursuit of excellence!...thus birthing the Pathway of Champions initiative which is a movement that calls for a personal dedication to commit to excellence in every phase and sphere of life....

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