In times like this………

Hey Champs, its Wednesday and mid of an amazing business week. Great day to you. Now anyone close to me knows that there is something definitely happening with me….I am seeking opportunities to maximize..yes, even in this times!!! Are you seeking opportunities too or even clueless as to what to seek?? come with me………..

I bet that there has never been a time like this in Nigeria before..I may be wrong…maybe four decades isn’t enough to tell by, but my point is these are tough times and there is no denying that. With these challenging times comes anxiety for some people and with these same challenging times comes opportunity for others..I like the “others” group or party better! those who experience anxiety do so because they are unable , as at now, find a solution to their economic issues and as such see no ray of light at the end of an increasingly dark tunnel. I do know a few people like that. people who are worried sick about what the future holds because they simply cant not see a way to remain financially stable in this murky global economy….. note that I did NOT say people who knew there wasn’t a way to remain financially stable….I said people who CAN NOT see a way!!!! in other words just because you don’t see a way doesn’t mean that there is not a way!!!! like I just said to a friend, just because we are going through the same situation or in the same room,doesn’t mean we are having the same experiences!!!!(I have been in a room where the air conditioning was reaching me but wasn’t reaching the fellow at the other end of the room…so here i was being chilled while my dear roomie was sweating)

The big question is how do I get to make the most of every situation that I find myself in…with particular reference to Nigeria. in this recession , lies opportunities that are being seized by those who are prepared to seize them…for every opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the life of that opportunity!!!  I sincerely believe that small businesses are poised to be the winners in these times. the consumption patterns are more streamlined and reflect low tolerance for businesses that are disconnected from consumers or don’t provide great customer service. people do business with a sense of connection..a connection to value, a connection to service, a connection to a perception. When this much desired connection is missing, consumers tend to pull back  or…… disconnect! Small businesses serve as a platform to deliver this connection. Small businesses enable for personalized relationship management which is what buttresses the value of the service that the business offers. Remember that value comes before wealth exchange…Its the VALUE that is created which is the outcome of the SOLUTIONS that your product provides that make people pay for your product. the businesses which cater to the personal needs of consumers are the businesses that would thrive in these times. be it consulting or training, or tailoring or make up services or lessons or fish farming or laundry services, ensure that your services meets the human needs of feeding , shelter and dressing. for those in training or capacity building fear not, for there is a growing need for people to increase their capacity to do more in these times, therefore you have solutions to give.


Tara Fela Durotoye says that you have what you need to start from where you are right now…and I totally agree. What problems can you solve around you right now? When you have an answer to that, then seek to solve that problem in the best way possible such a way that no one can solve it better than you can.You know why??? In hard times, people will spend their money on what gives them the best value whether it be food , clothes, leisure, travel or education. so ensure that your services or products is what they are willingly to spend that money on. make your small business so desirable that people want to invest in it. My good friend, Segun Abiona of NicoleandGiovanna socks (and I wear his socks…amazing stuff) runs a socks business that comes with a personal feel that is undeniably refreshing to every customer that comes his way. everybody wears socks but it sure feels differrent. this how it ought to be with every small business out there.Let me say it again, you have to deliver value to your customers and that value has to be delivered in an exceptional way..its important but enough for your product or service to solve problems, the way it provides that solution has to leave the customer with the best imaginable experience. Permit to itemize the process as simply as possible…..

  1. Identify a need
  2. Meet the need…on time
  3. Solve a problem…..Solutions
  4. Communicate the solutions effectively

every recession comes with it own opportunities…lets seize them!!


keep walking the Pathway of Champions





About aniekanusoroh

AU is a business development administrator and service delivery planner who is sold out to the "there is a better way" concept..the pursuit of excellence!...thus birthing the Pathway of Champions initiative which is a movement that calls for a personal dedication to commit to excellence in every phase and sphere of life....

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