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Great morning Champs, what a great day to be alive! here we are ,zooming towards the end of the month of February and i have to say, it does seem like 2017 is running on steroids…lol. May our successes come even faster!

Over the past few weeks as I have handled my varied responsibilities in my various areas of operations, it has dawned on me more than ever before that there was a need for me to review the concept of relationship! I have often said that relationship is the greatest resource that we have here on earth, whether it be relationship with our GOD ,relationship with our spouse, kids , business partners, associates, mentors or the world at large. Relationship is the vehicle via which we can execute all that we were born to do. it is so important that we are nothing without it. now with this understanding of the immensely broad concept of relationship,its critical that we pay attention to our relationships. Paying attention, in this regard, means a thorough x ray of how we relate with different people in our lives, how much access we have to them as well as how much access we grant to them, how much we desire to invest in them as well as how much we really do invest in them. it requires a genuine self examination.


Aniekan Usoroh 

First things first, relationships must be beneficial to you! and yes, I will say it again…RELATIONSHIPS MUST BE BENEFICIAL TO YOU ….and let me clear, this is not in anyway self centered. i am not talking about material benefits…certainly not..I am talking about anything that grows you,builds you,makes you a better person, gives you warmth and emotional support among many other things….. a relationship that helps you in one way or the other fulfill your purpose here on earth! Any relationship that doesn’t do any of the afore mentioned is simply unsuitable for you. this is why you need to know how to sort, grade and place your relationships so that what you give access to only promotes your own life vision. lets have a quick look at some groups of folks we have in our lives

There are those that are with you because they love what you love but don’t necessarily dislike what you dislike…in other words, your friend is their friend but your enemy is not their enemy which means that your enemies would have access to you through that kind of friend. How much access do you really want to give that kind of friend, I ask thee?????????

Moving on,there are those that are with you because they  agree with what you are against but do not necessarily stand for what you stand for……in other words you have common enemies but your friends are not their friends. here ,you have a situational relationship and such people owe you no allegiance. NOW, here is what I am trying to get you to pay attention to….there is absolute nothing wrong with these two groups of people that I just mentioned!!!! They are not bad guys…the problem is NOT with them…. the real problem is with how you see them , relate with and give access to them!!!!!! this is how people get burnt in relationships….this is how businesses and partnerships crash… because we fail to appropriately sort, grade and place our relationships

Now, allow me to re-introduce to you a group of people, usually smaller than the other two groups, who have love what you love and hate what you hate….who share the same values as you do. these are ones that should have all the access to you. they will protect your dream even when you are sleeping, they will send enablers to you even when you didn’t look out for them. your vision enables their vision even as their vision enables yours…. these are your confidants! if your spouse isn’t in this last group, you are in BIG trouble. if your closest partners in business are not in this last group, you need a re-evaluation!

So no matter how many people you have around you, in your life, you must learn to sort, grade and place them so that you deal with them as you rightly should. Relationships are designed to bring the best in you….if you don’t handle relationships rightly,they can destroy you. don’t pour out your heart to leavers and then be aloof with stayers just because you couldn’t tell which was which. this applies to every area of your life, social ,secular or business.

SORT, GRADE AND PLACE your relationships right.

keep walking the Pathway of Champions


stay tuned for live AU/#THEPATHWAYOFCHAMPIONS events coming up soon.details coming soon.           img_7873_edit



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AU is a business development administrator and service delivery planner who is sold out to the "there is a better way" concept..the pursuit of excellence!...thus birthing the Pathway of Champions initiative which is a movement that calls for a personal dedication to commit to excellence in every phase and sphere of life....

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