Its all within YOU, Champ!

Aniekan "AU" USOROH

“One of the most amazing moments of my life was when I realized that I had all that I would ever need to fulfill purpose within me!” Those were the exact words I said when I was invited to speak at business forum for mid level managers from 20 organizations a while ago. As I spoke, I could see wonder on the face of the men and women seated in the auditorium that day….there were looks of puzzlement, looks of amazement and yes there was that look of sheer disbelief! so I walked slowly and deliberately to the man who clearly was not believing what I had just said and asked him what he had on his mind. A bit uneasy, he responded saying it was far fetched and too simplistic to believe that all anyone would ever need to get ahead in life was already within the person.He didnt…

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