Leadership….AU’s view….part 1

Great morning Champs, what an awesome day to be alive. Consider it as another opportunity to do it better! another opportunity to keep walking along the Pathway of Champions. I am sharing some thoughts on leadership today. Please do watch out for the video posting coming soon. I am excited about connecting with you in every possible way.

Now the concept of leadership, immensely vast as it is, has always been of deep intrigue to me. if I were to ask a group of people what they understood as leadership, i was certain to get many and varied responses. such a simple question yet most answers are given at best in specific contexts. I, however, learnt many years back that Leadership is a process of social influence where a person can enlist the help, commitment,aid and support of other people in accomplishing a common task. in other words, it is said that a leader who is one who can guide a people , influencing them to share of a vision and harnessing their multi skills, talents and capacity to accomplish a given task. leadership cuts across every phase of life, in the market place, in the debate club, the soccer team, in the church, in the business, in the family and yes..in the self amongst many other areas.

By the way, I think that there has always been a struggle amongst many on how to define leadership .According to Business Dictionary,Leadership involves:
establishing a clear vision,
sharing that vision with others so that they will follow willingly,
providing the information, knowledge and methods to realize that vision, and
coordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of all members and stakeholders.
A leader steps up in times of crisis, and is able to think and act creatively in difficult situations.
Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/leadership.html

Lets have a look at these points and see how we can relate to them. Establishing a clear vision implies in the strongest sense that a person is clear about what the long term intention is and what the desired outcome is…..for without vision , the people perish. Sadly we are in a generation where a lot of people wear expensive sunglasses and yet cant see where they are heading to in life hmmmmmmmmmmm…… the Vision is what determines the mission and what you need to fulfill the mission.the clarity of the vision is what energizes you to execute the mission that will deliver your vision!…..the Vision…The Vision.

A leader who lacks the ability to communicate a vision to others surely has to be one of the most frustrated persons on the face of the earth. the first step to getting people to buy into the vision is to lucidly communicate and share the said vision with them in such a way that they see the vision clearly and are consumed by it! when that is not the case, there would be a myriad of issues because where the vision isn’t plain, there cant be a clear plan on how to run with it. this is why effective communication is important. leadership cant not function without communication. A board has to be clear in its communication to management, management has to be clear in its communication to staff, supervisors need to be clear in how they communicate with “supervisees”…even more a government has to be clear in its messaging to the populace or citizens in a local government, state or country.No matter how good government policies are, or how lofty the ideas a government has for a people, if these are not properly communicated to the people, there would be a misunderstanding of the government and in turn that sets the ground for dissentment and chaos…Communication is key! So ask yourself…are you communicating clearly to those you are leading or do you think you are being communicated clearly to enough by anyone leading you. hmmmmmm

When the vision is clear, the primary responsibility of a leader is now clearly map out how best to achieve the vision using all the resources available to do so. the resources available in this instance is the skills, talents and gifting of the people he is leading while managing the difference in perspective or approach of the different people or stakeholders involved. Great leadership is the ability to identify the complex differences in your team, organization country and use them to the advantage and common good of all. There are many ways in which this can be done…one in particular, that I love and practice is called syndicate reasoning …a process whereby you allow your team to rub minds with deliberate minimal intervention(except of course to provide guidance) and knock out the myriad of  ideas been exchanged until you all arrive at an agreed “best” idea. The precise strategy for attaining a vision is primarily driven by a leader and again, yes…this strategy has to be clearly communicated. A strategy is a method or plan to be used or deployed to achieve a vision or a set objective. the method or plan would include relevant information, skills, technology and definite roadmap on execution. The clarity of the methodology of execution and how it applies or connects to the people is what gives them a sense of purpose. When a people have a sense of common purpose, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Leadership is all about Strategic focus ,establishing goals and strategic direction,Establishing principles, empowering and mentoring the team or a people to lead them to achieve a goal.

in the next edition, I am going to writing on how leaders deal with difficult situations and crises and yes…I am also going to be writing on “what a leader is not”! like I said earlier, watch out for my next video post on youtube and facebook. looking forward to it,are you??

In every area of your life, you have leadership responsibilities and you must live up to them.are you thinking long term? are you clear about your vision and doing an excellent job of communicating this vision to the people around so that it inspires them enough to own it with you and run with it???

like I would always say you are equiped to excel as you keep walking the Pathway of Champions


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