lets talk about COMPETENCY….

Great morning Champs and what a great day to be alive…..WELCOME TO THE MONTH OF APRIL!

It’s a brand-new month and the beginning of new quarter! Quick question, how did the first quarter of the year turn out for you? Good or bad? How is the first quarter going to spur you to have an awesome new quarter? Well…guess whats coming up this quarter? It’s the CHAMPIONS SUMMIT powered by The Pathway of Champions Initiative. Its all about a SUPER you doing SUPER things in your world.…One event…One theme…One day…four Speakers!! I shall definitely keep you posted with more details as the days come by. I am super excited about that event!

Today I want to talk about COMPETENCY…. you know that “stuff” that takes you from what you would want to do or what you are required to do to what you can actually get done! I get a lot of emails and Facebook messages asking me basically one question in a million ways and that is basically how to walk the Pathway of Champion and be a super achiever??? A lot of people just cant seem to deliver on what they are expected to and that is really worrisome. in many organizations or businesses, you find folks who have the right degrees and supposed qualifications but just fail to deliver commendable performance….So today, I am going to touch on one of the key indicators of being a super achiever or a Champion or as my brother, Jimi TEWE would put it: being a 7star performer and that is……COMPETENCY!

Lets define Competency…..Competencies refer to skills or knowledge that leads to superior performance. Competencies are individual abilities or characteristics that are key to effectiveness in work. Competencies are not “fixed” and can be developed with effort and support. Competencies can apply at organizational, individual, team, and occupational and functional levels. The term Competent on the other hand is when a person is qualified to perform to a requisite standard of the processes of a job. In other words Competencies refer to skills or knowledge that leads to superior performance while Competence on the other hand means the condition or state of being competent. Hmmmmmm,OK! Lets go deeper.

Competence has 6 components namely:

  1. SKILL: A learned ability; how to do the “ what you do”(e.g. making an effective presentation)
  2. KNOWLEDGE: How you acquire information in a particular field; (e.g. Using Data based presentation)
  3. SELF IMAGE: How you see yourself (e.g. Public Speaker-Confidence)
  4. VALUES: What you consider as important (e.g. achieving excellence/ ambition)
  5. TRAITS: Relatively enduring characteristics; why and how do we behave in a certain way (e.g. self-controlled “big picture” thinking)
  6. MOTIVES: The Psychological / Physiological factors that drive your behaviour (e.g. Maslow Pyramid of needs)

These 6 components are extremely important as they wholistically put anyone in a position to excel. your SKILLS are the abilities you require to get deliverables done, KNOWLEDGE is what ensures you determine how best to deploy your skills. your SELF IMAGE is a reflection of the 3 Cs.Confidence, Charisma,and Content, that ensures that you are able to project your skills in such a way that it gives you an edge. your VALUES, TRAITS and  MOTIVES are what drives you and determines what you strive for.  Champs, do note that not one of these components singularly can deliver high performance to you. (I am going to be throwing more light on this in the days to come)

Your skills are not enough!!

There are two major categories of Competency and they are namely;

  • Threshold competency
  • Differentiating competency

As the name suggests Threshold competency is made up of components that are required to basically get the job done…nothing more! Differentiating competency ,on the other hand, refers to components that give us an edge to perform outstandingly.

So what would fall under these two categories of competency??????

Watch this Space……………


Got any questions you want to ask me? mail me on aniekan.usoroh@gmail.com…..and I will be right here. keep walking The Pathway of Champions.



About aniekanusoroh

AU is a business development administrator and service delivery planner who is sold out to the "there is a better way" concept..the pursuit of excellence!...thus birthing the Pathway of Champions initiative which is a movement that calls for a personal dedication to commit to excellence in every phase and sphere of life....

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