The Trouble with being GIFTED!

IMG_1346_edit_edit_editGreat morning to you!  Its a new day and another opportunity to get it right again!!!

Over the past weekend I had such an amazing time at SpeakXpress2.0 August edition….it was tagged The Project called YOU and you can see all the pictures on THE PATHWAY OF CHAMPIONS facebook page. Do check them out.

Today ,I am writing on a subject matter I am going to be speaking on at a forthcoming World Youth Day event…its called “THE TROUBLE WITH BEING GIFTED” out for that.
We all have one gift or the other….and that’s a blessing because if properly engaged, our gifts will make a way for us….the dictionary defines a GIFT as “a special ability or capacity; natural endowment; talent…” So at a surface level, it SHOULD simply mean that your gifting gives an added advantage in certain areas……but wait a doesn’t always turn out like that….does it?

Do you know that there are certain issues that come with being gifted and that is just what I am talking about here…it’s so important because far too many “would-have-been-champions” who are blessed and gifted have in one way or another (consciously or not) turned their gifting to burdens or curses…..yes Sir! Sad but so!!!!…  A couple of days whilst sharing my thoughts on this subject,someone asked me how being gifted could possibly have any form of trouble……Great question….and so I answer…..

The first trouble with being gifted is NOT KNOWING THAT YOU ARE GIFTED!!!!……let’s talk some bible..the Bible tells me that GOD would not NEVER give (or allow) us MORE than we can bear…now that speaks to CAPACITY…therefore kindly permit me to rephrase as thus; GOD would not give us more than we are “equipped”, “talented” or “Gifted” to bear!  So it simply means that for your level of gifting,you would attract the same level of challenges or burdens and the way you would overcome these challenges and burdens is by engaging your equipment,talents or gifts……that’s clear,isn’t it? I once said to a prayer group that the Devil DOESNT  fight you at the level of your knowledge…no no….it fights you at the level of your potential. Now imagine with me, that with all these challenges,you don’t even know what your gifts are!!! My Goodness….you surely will have struggles that you seemingly have absolutely no answer to….what are you going to engage??? The Challenges are there because of your gifts and yet you don’t know your gift!!!! Sure sounds like trouble to me. This is why its all too important to daily work towards being the best version of yourself. I certainly believe that you are wired to win and equipped to excel but if you dont activate what is within you,it is of no advantage to you.

Activating your giftings is tied to you understanding where you are going to in life (VISION) and exactly how you are going to get there(MISSION). your MISSION determines the kind of resource, strategy and plan that you would require to attain your VISION. This means you have to ask yourself certain questions and seek answers to them. Questions such as

  • Where am I going to?
  • How do I get there?
  • What do I need to get there?
  • Do I have what i need to get there?
  • How do I get what I need to get there?

Seek,reach deep and you shall find….

Ok! The second trouble that comes with being gifted is being TOO aware of your gifts!!! Yep,we just moved from one extreme to the other!! Being over conscious of gifts makes room for pride which is definitely leads to over dependence on those gifts which can lead to failure if not checked….what do I mean?
So you are great guy with great gifts..then you begin to think you are THAT great and start looking down on other peoples gifts thinking your gifts are sufficient to see you through….forgetting that you are not wired to Win all by yourself (OUCH)…you need the butler to open the door of opportunity to you…you need the traffic man to pass you along the pathway of champions…..but you feel you don’t need them because you got gifts…..then you crash….gifted but failed…..gifted but not delivering ….gifted but stuck!!!! Don’t let your gift stand in your way…you need the next man’s gift as well.

The Trouble with being gifted…. have your gifts ever given you trouble? lets talk about it.

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Have a great day….stay on the Pathway of Champions



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