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lets talk about COMPETENCY….

Great morning Champs and what a great day to be alive…..WELCOME TO THE MONTH OF APRIL!

It’s a brand-new month and the beginning of new quarter! Quick question, how did the first quarter of the year turn out for you? Good or bad? How is the first quarter going to spur you to have an awesome new quarter? Well…guess whats coming up this quarter? It’s the CHAMPIONS SUMMIT powered by The Pathway of Champions Initiative. Its all about a SUPER you doing SUPER things in your world.…One event…One theme…One day…four Speakers!! I shall definitely keep you posted with more details as the days come by. I am super excited about that event!

Today I want to talk about COMPETENCY…. you know that “stuff” that takes you from what you would want to do or what you are required to do to what you can actually get done! I get a lot of emails and Facebook messages asking me basically one question in a million ways and that is basically how to walk the Pathway of Champion and be a super achiever??? A lot of people just cant seem to deliver on what they are expected to and that is really worrisome. in many organizations or businesses, you find folks who have the right degrees and supposed qualifications but just fail to deliver commendable performance….So today, I am going to touch on one of the key indicators of being a super achiever or a Champion or as my brother, Jimi TEWE would put it: being a 7star performer and that is……COMPETENCY!

Lets define Competency…..Competencies refer to skills or knowledge that leads to superior performance. Competencies are individual abilities or characteristics that are key to effectiveness in work. Competencies are not “fixed” and can be developed with effort and support. Competencies can apply at organizational, individual, team, and occupational and functional levels. The term Competent on the other hand is when a person is qualified to perform to a requisite standard of the processes of a job. In other words Competencies refer to skills or knowledge that leads to superior performance while Competence on the other hand means the condition or state of being competent. Hmmmmmm,OK! Lets go deeper.

Competence has 6 components namely:

  1. SKILL: A learned ability; how to do the “ what you do”(e.g. making an effective presentation)
  2. KNOWLEDGE: How you acquire information in a particular field; (e.g. Using Data based presentation)
  3. SELF IMAGE: How you see yourself (e.g. Public Speaker-Confidence)
  4. VALUES: What you consider as important (e.g. achieving excellence/ ambition)
  5. TRAITS: Relatively enduring characteristics; why and how do we behave in a certain way (e.g. self-controlled “big picture” thinking)
  6. MOTIVES: The Psychological / Physiological factors that drive your behaviour (e.g. Maslow Pyramid of needs)

These 6 components are extremely important as they wholistically put anyone in a position to excel. your SKILLS are the abilities you require to get deliverables done, KNOWLEDGE is what ensures you determine how best to deploy your skills. your SELF IMAGE is a reflection of the 3 Cs.Confidence, Charisma,and Content, that ensures that you are able to project your skills in such a way that it gives you an edge. your VALUES, TRAITS and  MOTIVES are what drives you and determines what you strive for.  Champs, do note that not one of these components singularly can deliver high performance to you. (I am going to be throwing more light on this in the days to come)

Your skills are not enough!!

There are two major categories of Competency and they are namely;

  • Threshold competency
  • Differentiating competency

As the name suggests Threshold competency is made up of components that are required to basically get the job done…nothing more! Differentiating competency ,on the other hand, refers to components that give us an edge to perform outstandingly.

So what would fall under these two categories of competency??????

Watch this Space……………


Got any questions you want to ask me? mail me on…..and I will be right here. keep walking The Pathway of Champions.



…..and December is upon us

…and DECEMBER is upon us …

Good morning Champions,

Hey! Welcome to the awesome month of December… there is no denying my excitement as we reflect upon the 11 months gone by and yes…prepare for the next 12 months of the forthcoming year. I know that it has been such tough year for some and a great year for others….whilst our experiences might vary, our expectations for the future should be the same really, being extremely high and focused on purpose fulfilling targets and milestones! In the last 11 months, I have gone through a huge learning curve…I have dealt with uncertainty, I have experienced joy and pain, I have witnessed a global shift, I have had to do a relationship audit and also deal with the reality of a depressed economy whilst looking for new opportunities to deliver value. Guess what? Through it all, I have found the deepest level of fulfillment in knowing that I am on the right track, fulfilling purpose. Every single day when I wake up, I draw strength from the quiet assurance that God gives me when HE reminds me of the vision that HE gave to me by way of the Pathway of Champions Initiative. A move that would entail imbibing the right values that make for a better people and ultimately a better world.

Many years ago, some folks told me that it was a lofty idea, that it was too big to achieve and that Nigeria was not ready for that type of culture shift……… I understood why they would say so for many reasons…one being that right values appeared to be something in scarcity or fast disappearing and there was a generation that had gotten used to the wrong things and wouldn’t even know what to shift to (even if they wanted to). I understood the limitations of their perspective but clearly realized that these same folks were the first ones that I had to impact. If it is indeed true that everybody is within 5 persons of the other, then it is true that my influence on you can indirectly be an influence to somebody that you know and I don’t. My mentor and big brother, Fela Durotoye, told me earlier this year that we are like candles in a room with only one candle lit and we can transfer the flame from one candle to another…one after the other until the whole room is lit up….. I concur! ……That’s why I am glad about a father that called me the other day to tell me how focused his son had become on his academics after following my blog for a while and how the boy’s friends as well had changed for the better! My heart is gladdened by the people who have decided to settle for nothing less than the best version of themselves because they identify with the Pathway of Champions “idea”…………..Or the young girl in her mid-twenties that sent me an email, telling me how she found strength to hold on through a tough season because she understood that she was wired to win and equipped to excel hence being empowered to outlast her storm!!! These and so many other real life examples encourage me. They strengthen me to keep my eyes on that vision and that’s why, things are about to go to a whole new level. I am so fired up and expectant what’s to come…….It is time to stretch, folks…..1_17

This isn’t just about me, this is about you too. It is about attaining the best version of YOU because, remember, the best project that you would ever work on is YOU. I will keep saying it….the best gift that you can ever give to your world is the best version of YOU!  There are just so many people that I can ever hope to reach…… there are significantly much more that YOU and I can reach together… if I have ever inspired you to be the best, then go out there and inspire someone else to be the best too! We owe it to our generation to collectively lead ourselves right. The more people who have the right values and are striving to attain excellence, the better our nation would be…. We would have better doctors, better development workers, better police officers, better teachers and educators, better judges and better administrators…better politicians too and yes, better citizenry!  This is why we need to get our priorities right and develop ourselves so that we can develop the much needed capacity to handle the business of leadership and governance be it socio, corporate or political.1_9.jpg

For me and the Pathway of Champions Initiative, 2017 is a year of great impact. We are going to reach out a lot more on a myriad of platforms. You should watch out for what is coming! It’s all about making impact. What kind of impact do you see yourself making in the year ahead? What would you be known for? What would you stand up for? What would you stand against? No matter who you are or what you do, strive for excellence and impact the lives of others. Influence your world right.

Once again, welcome to the month of December… my month of birth.  Watch out for the 2016 edition of “In Celebration of my Natality”

Keep walking #thepathwayofchampions




Do you have your eye on the future???

Great morning Champs

Thank God for yet another awesome day to do it better! So much has been going on this year already…. Across the world, this month is literally seen as a month of resetting, of a fresh or new beginning….and that helps ignite our drive for the new year. I had a meeting yesterday with my staff and associates and one thing I clearly noticed everyone spoke of plans for the future and what we had to get done or what we had to change…..they spoke of the future. My question this morning is… you have your eye on the future???th(13)

Champs, it is true that that there is always a future however what we must understand is that we, in many regards,determine the kind of future we step into. We have to,as a matter of necessity, prepare for the future. The future is the Outcome of our actions and in actions today! The seeds we plan today will be the trees of tomorrow. Keeping your eye on the future means having a long term intention and when you have long term intention, you are very careful that what you do in your today doesn’t jeopardize your long term intention!!! It’s often said that daily activities add up to bring about a paradigm shift……do you have your eye on the future??

Keeping your eye on the future helps you and I endure temporal situations or pain in our today that have the capacity to derail us or shift our focus if we don’t have a firm grip on what our desired outcomes should be. Life has its way of throwing all sorts of distractions our way, every single day. Some are pronounced, others are subtle but the main aim is to get you to narrowly focus on your now and your immediate pain rather on the future and the gain!…don’t lose focus, Champs….dont win the battle and lose the war!00ffe94cba77d703501655fe3f26eb9e

Having long term intention or keeping your eye on the future means you would not always have the easiest choices today…it means that you would make some sacrifices today…it means that there are battles you won’t get involved in, relationships that you would let go of, Partnerships that you would seek out, lifestyles that you would drop…..ohhhh, it won’t be the easiest of paths….but I guarantee you that those choices are along the Pathway of Champions. Ask yourself, Champ,how what you do today will contribute meaningfully to the future that you desire?? Ask yourself what you need to be doing that aligns with the future you desire?? You need to keep your eye on the future so that you don’t ever off course ever so subtly and not know it!!! Keep your eye on the future.

Have an awesome Wednesday as I charge you to keep walking #thepathwayofchampions



My Thanksgiving 2015….in honour of my natality

Great Champions,

It’s my birthday……….

Permit me to share some thoughts with you as I celebrate the anniversary of my natality. its with the deepest feelings of gratitude to GOD that I write this little note….I reflect on years gone by and I really wonder how I have come to be this blessed in life…In my mind,I am totally undeserving of the blessings that I have but I am also quick to remember that the English translation of my name, Aniekan-Abasi , simply asks “WHO IS GREATER THAN GOD?” and until you have a REAL answer to that question…I remain blessed!!!!lol.


Growing up and relating with quite a number of you over the many years and few decades have undeniably played a part role in shaping who I have come to be today……..from you at some times,I learnt how what to do and how to do it better…..from you at other times,I learnt what NOT to do! One thing that I do know is that I know you for a reason and it is ultimately to make this world a better place by generating and implementing ideas that shape our destinies for good forever……..

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Even as I hold in highest esteem the privilege of sharing these times and seasons on the face of the earth with you, I do strongly believe that the full import and significance of the relationship we share has not yet seen the manifestation of its fullest potentials……Together,regardless of what part of the world you are at,lets take a stand and insist that this generation would not fail in its mandate to deliver the future to the next generations…and I speak broadly over every sphere and area of life.Indeed,its time for us to have a CHAMPION’s mindset as we live the life which would surely come to be our HISTORY……..lets adopt the right values, desire the right changes and then BECOME the change that you so desire ….by so doing,I know that HISTORY would be kind to you and I.

I thank God for the special and priceless gift of family.

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..for giving unto me an amazing wife,an alpha female with such sterling qualities that inspire me to greatness….my sons, Itoro J and Ini B…I love you beyond measure. You are proof positive that God loves me! To my parents,Dr and Mrs N.J are just phenomenal!!! Where would I be without you??? God bless you..God bless you…God bless you!!!!!! To my siblings; Nkene, Itoro and are so you totally. To my mentors, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, Pastor Goodheart Ekwueme, Fela Durotoye, Tony Elumelu,Deji Fisho amongst many, thank you for being trailblazers and having the courage to do what you in many ways have made it easier for me!   To my closest friends, thank you for standing by me …thank you for letting God use you in my life.  To everybody…..Thank you..Thank you Thank you….may our achievements of past years pale in comparison to what’s to come!!!!!!!!

I Salute you,great Champions as you keep walking the pathway of Champions

Looking forward to making history with you

This is my Thanksgiving 2015



Great Morning Champ,


Welcome to the month of November!

Indeed it is the Penultimate month of the year and in my opinion, a time to keep pressing in towards achieving that is laid up for you in this 2015!! I would love for you to hold yourself accountable for the way you spend every single day of the rest of the year. 61 days to 2016, what are the sacrifices that you must make to excel in these 61 days to come??? What are you willing to change or shift in your mindset, thoughts and actions that will give you your desirable outcome??? Friends, understand that the call to attaining excellence requires that there is an “extra”…an extra push, an extra level of commitment, an extra measure of sacrifice, extra hard-work and extra positive inclination. like I always will say, the best project that you will ever work is YOU because the best YOU is the best gift that you can ever give to your world. That is how purpose is fulfilled. that’s how to keep walking the Pathway of Champions.

there is so much coming up in month of November….I shall be sharing excerpts from my speaking engagements with you as well as my thoughts on life performance issues that affect in more than one way. We still have the concluding part of the 3 part series “Partnership…a right move to make”….also a fresh piece titled “BURDENS vs BENEFITS” and many more all in the month of November.burdensvsbenefits

I also look forward to you sending in your emails with questions and comments to  I shall respond to each and every mail that comes in. If you wish to book me for a speaking engagement or training, do kindly send in a mail as well to or It would be my utmost pleasure to share my thoughts and perspective with you…

Remember, Champs, we are not just here to light up ourselves but rather to serve as a burning torch that would ignite others and light them up….That is how the world gets lit up!!!!!!

My name is Aniekan Usoroh and I am in interested in the best YOU that you can be!

AU...initiator of "The CommunIcator"

AU…initiator of “The CommunIcator”

Have an awesome November as you keep walking the Pathway of Champions


PARTNERSHIP…..A right move to make (part 2)


Great morning Champs

What a week it has been….did you hit some milestones this week?? Thank God its Friday as I hope you are looking forward to a most profitable weekend!

Still on our series “Partnership…a right move to make”..I laid some foundation yesterday in the first part of this all important series.. Thank you for your mails and messages on the Facebook link, indeed these write-ups are designed to call our attention to the things we perhaps already know but really tend not to give due attention to. so once again, thank you for all the feedback!!!

We started off in the first part understanding what the concept of partnership is and to highlight the importance of partnerships. we looked at various textbook definitions of the word partnership and saw that even though it was defined in different contexts, it always involved at least two entities or parties coming together for a significant common good which either parties would not be able to attain on their own. Going further, it was said that there are certain vital points that must be taken into consideration before a partnership is entered into. Note that the points below are not in any way exhaustive but rather represent a few of considerations that you have for you to have a good partnership. Okay….lets talk a bit about those points

1.)Do you share a common vision with your intended partner?

It can not be over said that there MUST be a common vision for both parties. do you see the same possibilities? do u envisage the same challenges? are you in heading the same direction as regards the outcome of your partnership? usually, this is what business entities and people usually think of first…..but you must remember, just because you share common friends doesn’t mean you have the same “enemies”…hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

2.)Can you handle the character or the person of your intended partner?

Character is all important! Character is defined as the combination of mental characteristics and behavior that distinguishes a person or group. As a friend of mine would always say “its not every nice person that you can get married to…just because someone is nice doesn’t mean they are nicely suited for you!” its simply not everyone I can do business with…now understand that doesn’t mean that they are bad business people or that they are means that their person is not agreeable with me. Please don’t get it twisted, you have to ask yourself if you can handle the character of person or persons that you are about to go into partnership with.


3.)Are you extremely clear about the expected deliverable and reward outcomes of the partnership?

In all thy wisdom, please do get understanding!!! (that’s from the bible). Being very clear about expectations cant be over said. The expected deliverable, functions, structures, operational systems and expected outcomes must be clearly spelt out. each intended partner must show that he or she comprehends in totality what is expected. it can be very disastrous if this point isn’t taken into consideration at the very beginning. Disappointments and disagreements usually arise when expectations or perceived expectations are not met with…..and trust me, things can get really nasty when partnerships go sour. Be clear about expected deliverable from get go!

3.)Do you share similar business ethics?

I strongly believe that if more organizations and people paid attention to business ethics, the world would be a much better place o live in….and I aint kidding. Wikipedia defines business ethics thus

“Business ethics (also corporate ethics) is a form of applied ethics or professional ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment. It applies to all aspects of business conduct and is relevant to the conduct of individuals and entire organizations”

so while you are looking to go into partnership with someone because your services compliment each other and you can jointly increase your collective market share, you might want to also consider if you share the same thoughts or passion for the way you would arrive at that increased market share. yes, that’s right! for example, if your partner believes in a little bit of sharp practice or giving of bribes or strategic coercing or some tiny manipulation all so that you can indeed get that increased market for your services………how would you react to that???? Remember, its just not enough to “love” the same things… you “hate” the same things????


I will leave this point for the third and concluding part of this series where I shall also share some some true life stores on partnership with you. Stories that will tell the experiences of those who didn’t pay attention to these points before they went into business partnerships and of course, you will also read about those that paid attention.  images (11)

Champs,I hope this inspires you to give more thought to the relationships that you are about to get into or you are already in. its said that when two agree as one for a common purpose, then nothing can stop them….on the other side, a house divided within itself can not stand…..Good partnerships significantly grow you. Bad partnerships set you back and can destroy you. Give it deliberate thought.

Have a great and profitable weekend as you keep walking the Pathway of Champions

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The Project called YOU 2….the life of Impacting


Hey Champs,

Welcome to the month of September…..the 9th month of the year that I love to refer to as the “birthing” month of the year. I do certainly wish you the very best in this awesome month.

The feedback I got from “The Project called YOU ” was amazing. Thanks for the emails. The comments and questions were indeed very though provoking and insightful. …….and that brings us to the next part of the series.

The Bible says that it’s more blessed to give than to receive. I agree! There is a certain joy that comes with giving that can’t not be achieved with receiving.

Therefore my simple question is are the things that YOU are committed to, a blessing to the world?

We all have skills,talents and diverse giftings which we channel into the things that we do,our work, inititatives, hobbies, passion etc but do these things benefit our world or just benefit us alone? I strongly believe that if we give thought to this,it will certainly x-ray our motives and guide our actions. I like a popular saying that goes: ” If you don’t directly or remotely impact positively in my life, then you are of no significance in my life “…quite a blunt statement but Champs,so very true. Understand that you are designed to have a life of impact. You work not just because you get paid ( and there is nothing wrong with that) but you work because what you do will solve a problem for someone or create value for someone…..the way that you see everything you do has got to change!
Giving is all about of living a life of impact which basically entails or starts from you giving thought to how what you do or do not do will affect the lives of those around you.

How do your ideas better the world? How does your commitment on the job affect the value the customer gets from using the product or service that you were a part of delivering? Whose life got better just because they came in contact with you? Remember that the Pathway of Champions initiative is a call to do the extra to attain excellence!!! Hmmmm the extra…..the Project called YOU.

Giving is beyond doling out cash..thats good but there is a whole lot more than that to living a life of giving and impact. I love being a part of the health insurance industry in Nigeria because it’s a joy to be able to create a platform that gives cost effective access to qualitative health service in Nigeria. I am fulfilled being part of an engineered process that ensures that healthcare is given to people because they need it and not based on whether they can afford it or not. Permit me to say..thats giving! I go to sleep at night knowing that someone, somewhere in my country got a chance at a better and healthier life just because of what I do!!!!

The Project called YOU…living the life of Impact.

Have a truly blessed Month

Keep walking #thepathwayofchampions


@Aniekan1 anispeaks

I can not sign off today without inviting you to join me at CareerShift Abuja, holding on the 12th of September, 2015 at the NAF conference center,Jahi,Abuja..Please see details below….Its gauranteed to be a truly impactful career advancement and self transformation event….keep walking the Pathway of Champions

The Project called YOU (Identity…Purpose..and Long term intention)

Dear Champion,

its certainly a great day to be alive!!!!  …………and like I always say its another opportunity to do it better. Today,I am writing on a piece I have tagged “The Project called YOU“. I find myself so excited writing and speaking on this topic even as I have deliberately over the last few months embarked on self discovery mode….and boy, what a revelation!!!!..hmmmmm.

Ready???? okay, lets do this….

I came across a poster the other day that had a bold inscription and it said ” the best Project that you would ever work on is YOU”  and I totally agree with it..The best project you’ll ever work on is you!
Take time to take care of yourself! What areas of your life can you improve?

The best You is the best gift that you can give to the world you live in and that’s an absolute truth. However being the best you involves you understanding yourself. Now there are three questions that I consider as being absolutely essential in understanding yourself and hence figuring out how to deliver the best YOU to the world…the three questions are…(drums rolling)

  1. Who are you?
  2. Why are you here??
  3. Where are you going to from here???

These 3 power questions provide a platform for you to provide clarity and direction in understanding the project YOU. They represent the concept of identity, purpose and long term intention.

See, my friend, understanding who you are shapes your ideology, perspectives and what you value or honor. Who you are is sum total of your beliefs and values. Who you are is not your circumstance or the next person’s desire of who he or she wants you to be. Who you are is what qualifies and equips you for your purpose and destiny. Are you a catalyst of change? are you a solutions provider?? Are you value creator??? Who are you??

Answering the question, why you are here, demands that there is some understanding of purpose. Understanding purpose eliminates any tendency of abuse and makes for deep consideration of impactful relevance of your “Here”..”Here” could mean different things to different folks but in definition, “here” is your present circumstance, situation or scenario…”Here” is where you are in the timeline of your life or project or as a friend of mine likes to put it, “here” is where you are in the scheme of things!!!!!!

Having a long term intention is pivotal to being successful in life. where you are going to calls for some decision taking. for example, you would need to decide how to get there. You would also need to decide what you need to get the “how” done. In addition to that, you would need to decide what you would need to get rid of now in order to be able to get there….hmmmmm decisions! Because of your long-term intention, you will willingly make some sacrifices today… will push harder in some aspects today…because of your long term intention. I have often realised that because I want to maintain/attain a certain body weight in a few weeks, I simply must pass on those creamy juicy chicken wings and those blessed chocolate bars…..and yes those late night snacks as well. it doesn’t just stop there, I push myself hard to run laps every morning and lift weights and do those squats and sit-ups and…..!!!!!!!!!..Just because of my long term intention. it is said that those who desire to get to the top, are very mindful of what they do whilst at the bottom.

Identity, purpose and long term intention…..know these and you are on the path to delivering the best project that you would ever work…….YOU!!!!!!!

In closing, here is a part of a write-up I did 8 years go:


You…yes You….You made it through yesterday, through the intricate complexity called life…you had thought processes that resulted in a forward movement,progress,growth….and even when it did not result in that movement, you learnt from it, you searched within… dug deeper and went for it all over again…..You dealt with joy, you dealt with pain…Someone stood up for you, opened a door for you, stood behind you….another stabbed you in the back,said stuff about you, easily believed the worst of you,tried to bring you down…Someone gave you a chance,Another gave you none….you laughed hard and you wept profusely ………..You have courage yet you knew fear……You went through all. of that; the fire and rain..the storm and the calm…the joy and the pain….and here you are,up early…getting ready for another day….looking at yourself in the mirror and saying to the world “bring it on!!!” You know why???? Do you know why???

You are a Champion!!!!!”

let the change begin with you..............



keep walking #thepathwayofchampions


The ReEngineered You………

Great day, Champ…..

What a great day to be alive!!!! I have something I would like to share with you today and so….here I am!!!

Recently over the last 3 weeks I have been engaging associates as regards mind renewal and resetting as regards attitude to opportunities in terms of not just recognizing or even utilizing them but rather maximizing them. Let me use myself as an example….. I have no doubt about my passion and how I apply it to what I do but I have , for many good years, always felt within me the ability to become a SUPER me. Yes, I know …you have felt that now and then and so can identify with me just how frustrating that can be!!!!!! You do something and even though it seemed like it took a lot from you, you look back at it and you know deep inside (or at skin level) that you could have done better……okay so what’s to do???

The Pathway of Champions

The Pathway of Champions

Here is a bit of what I have tried and tested…and works..

  1. Understand that you are wired uniquely and you carry a unique season which MUST reflect in whatever you do. Quit trying to do things the “way it has always been done” or the way the next man does it……I mean, I love and honor my mentor, Fela Durotoye…I read his books, attend his seminars, relate with him personally but when I am facilitating at my training sessions or speaking at forums I am invited to, even though I have learnt from Fela Durotoye… I don’t speak like Fela Durotoye. See, I have come to learn just who I am, what I am comfortable with, what comes easy to me and what I need to develop….
  2. Study to show yourself approved….strive to have mastery over that which you do. The world is quite an advanced place today and truth be said the ordinary holds no attractions for immense opportunities. You have to be honed and finetuned in that which you do to stand out. For example…..I have friends I turn to when I need expert legal advice and I have lawyer friends I don’t even remember when I require legal counsel. All my friends but not all are

Get this, Champs… a football match there are twenty two players on the field and you always have STAR player(s) in every match…..why???? Those who displayed great skill, who showed amazing talents and converted opportunities to results usually, make the STAR list. So my question to you is…….why on earth are YOU not on that STAR list?????

  1. Purpose within yourself to be the best you can be…live everyday as the best as SHOWTIME! Always give life your best shot. Be an A Performer every single day……when you lock your mind on that, trust me my friends, your decisions and actions will begin to align with it. You have to be careful what you feed your mind with. When I was a teenager, getting ready to go to the University many years ago, I had this “wonderful” mindset that I needed to enjoy and have as much fun in my first two years in the University……..guess what? I did. It was the seemingly most natural thing for me to do….my mind was locked on having fun as major priority, I couldn’t be bothered with paying attentions to my courses and assignment or even be serious minded or inclined towards being worried about falling grades (which I was not even noticing at that time)……………..until…yes until something snapped (you would have to remind me to tell you about that later)..and I had to undergo a mindswap before I could even begin to reverse my prior decisions and actions!!!! If you have no confidence in yourself, you are twice defeated in the race of life. Don’t give any space to mediocrity……purpose within yourself to the best You!!
  2. Understand purpose. When you understand purpose, it is very difficult for you to fall off track or lose focus. Purpose is what keeps you locked on, its what keeps ticking even though you are getting a licking…it’s what makes you go through a fiery furnace and you suffer it to be so for now…Champions understand purpose….we understand that we can’t, won’t and don’t give up on a pursuit just because it appears all rocky now. Understanding purpose is what takes you through the mission to achieve the vision!!!! It is what brings out the resilience in you, so that no matter what may come your way, whether fire or hail or thunder or rainstorm or tempests or billows, you know that you would outlast that storm!

So Champs, I dare to apply the four points I have highlighted today and see how your life transforms. It’s all in paying attention to the detail… matter, who you are, or what you do, or what your situation or scenario is….please, I beg of you, understand that you van re-engineer yourself and deliver a much better you to the world.


Keep walking the Pathway of Champions



MY THANKSGIVING 20122014…………………

Great morning to you Champ…its certainly an awesome day to be alive. for a few days I have been considering taking up the very now famous “7 day Thanksgiving/Praise Challenge” partly due to the many invitations I received and perhaps even more to a deep stirring in heart to pen down my gratitude to my God….so I sum up my 7 day challenge in ONE swoop.

I am extremely grateful to God for being God in my life….for His word, grace, compassion, mercy, favor and anointing. I am grateful to God for His blessings . For being with me during my down-times and for bringing me out of my down-times…for loving me in-spite of me…for correcting me when i go wrong, do the silliest things or take Him, His anointing, His anointed ones and His blessings in my life for granted. I thank God for being there in my wilderness experience, in my burning bush encounter when men failed me (as I also have failed them), when people showed yet again how desperately wicked the hearts of men can be, when men thought it was all over……God was there for me showing me that it wasn’t the END but rather a BEND..GOD was the one who saw me through His redemption process in my life. Indeed HE is might to save.

Aniekan thanksgiving

Eky and I…Sometime in 2013….

I am in awe as regards the gift of family. My Ekybabes aka “Pompy”, Itoro-Obong Joseph and Ini-Abasi Benjamin!!!!! you guys are simply amazing..   Eky, I know I haven’t always been there and I haven’t always been as sweet as I should have been (not all the time ooo)..we have been through some bit these past eight and half years and cold…spicy and not…but I am deeply grateful that we have the chance to get better and better….you know how that song goes…”it feels good loving somebody when somebody loves you back”…yes, it does feel good…….I am grateful for your love, I am grateful for your desire of a better me and a better us….I love you..deeply and truly. thank you for being a truly wonderful wife. Thank you, Pompy

the Aniekan Usoroh icons……Itoro Joseph and Ini Benjamin .

To my JoJo and Benji….Daddy’s heartbeat..I love you. Thank you for being such great kids…Intelligent, God loving, family conscious/centered kids. I love to listen to you, speak with you, be with you and watch you grow….I am grateful that God chose you both to be very special to HIM. I love you.

Here is my promise to you boys: I am committed to being the best father, as God designed, to you..I commit to raise you to be real men, strengthened by the love of God and your parent’s love. I commit to spend great time with you..teaching you what you need to walk the Pathway of Champions, empowering you so you don’t have to make the mistakes I made and be a true example of who a father and a Champion is to you. Again..I love you

I am grateful to God for my Parents..You are such great leaders to me…Real Champions, you are,…you know I love and adore you immensely.

Aniekan Usoroh and Parents...Dr and Mrs N.J Usoroh

Aniekan Usoroh and Parents…Dr and Mrs N.J Usoroh

To my siblings, Nkene, Itoro and Ima, heaven bless you for being perfect sibs (you know what I mean) thank you for being there!!!!!! To my inlaws and cousins..the Ukoyens, The Babalolas, the Ikiddehs, the Ikotts, the Odegbo-Olukoyas, the Edukeres….to the whole family….you have, in significant ways, shaped me….so that even I went wrong, i knew how to find my way back to right!!!!….thank you for standing by me..thank you for speaking into my life..thank you for believing in me..I am grateful. You certainly give a fresh definition to the word family!

Also grateful for friends and yes…enemies….you make me better!….for my friends, you have been true angels in my life…you reached out even in the darkest have been there in the good times,too..hahahaha…..I cant forget you, I will never forget you. To my “enemies”..thank you…you only made me stronger…and like the song goes by God’s grace “ten years from now we would still on TOP…..”

I am thankful for my career, my skills, talents and giftings….I am thankful for the works of my hands..I am thankful for every opportunity that has been given to me to make impact via the works of my hands. I am thankful for every money I have ever made..every income, every revenue, every fund I have ever had access to….I am grateful, Lord.

I am grateful for my fathers in the faith, who in many ways have guided my thoughts and shone the light along the pathway of salvation for me. I am grateful to my mentors, who have significantly broken down barriers for me, who have opened my eyes to the possibilities of the application of the greatness within my core, who have inspired me to reach out for more….I say thank you to you all!!!

I was #borntospeak

I am thankful for finding purpose..I am thankful for the Pathway of Champions initiative..I am thankful for every single life that God has given me the honor to impact upon….

And yes….I am thankful for another birthday 20/12/14…another anniversary of my “natality”…..To God be the glory…indeed He is a Miracle worker..he took this boy and made him a Champion, blessed him beyond measure, opened doors for him, caused His light to shine upon him, redeemed Him from the murky waters of sin and made him a showcase for ALL to see His Glory and Might. HE is mighty to save……………..

join me to to declare How GREAT OUR GOD IS!!!!!

Cheers to an awesome 2015. keep walking the Pathway of Champions

My name is Aniekan Usoroh and this is my thanksgiving 2014.

AU (the pathway of Champions)