The Champions Summit Q &A part 1

Q: What do these amazing individuals have in common?


Q: When and where is the Summit?

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The Pathway of Champions

Aniekan "AU" USOROH

Great morning to you,Champ!

Every where I go,I keep meeting people who desire to do more,grow more and get better at what they do ( and that’s a good thing really because there are lot of people that need to grow and yet no desire to do so…..). The big story is that these folks don’t know how to get better or grow further or do more. This can cause a measure of frustration …I understand that because I have been there! That is why, today, I want to help you connect those dots between your “here” and your “there” as we do on the #thepathwayofchampions . Come with me!!!

First things first…I do certainly believe that you are #wiredtowin and #equipedtoexcel and that your desire to excel is indicative of a need to review and increase your capacity. Capacity is the prerequisite to achieving what’s necessary or required to…

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lets talk about COMPETENCY….

Aniekan "AU" USOROH

Great morning Champs and what a great day to be alive…..WELCOME TO THE MONTH OF APRIL!

It’s a brand-new month and the beginning of new quarter! Quick question, how did the first quarter of the year turn out for you? Good or bad? How is the first quarter going to spur you to have an awesome new quarter? Well…guess whats coming up this quarter? It’s the CHAMPIONS SUMMIT powered by The Pathway of Champions Initiative. Its all about a SUPER you doing SUPER things in your world.…One event…One theme…One day…four Speakers!! I shall definitely keep you posted with more details as the days come by. I am super excited about that event!

Today I want to talk about COMPETENCY…. you know that “stuff” that takes you from what you would want to do or what you are required to do to what you can actually get done! I get a…

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lets talk about COMPETENCY….

Great morning Champs and what a great day to be alive…..WELCOME TO THE MONTH OF APRIL!

It’s a brand-new month and the beginning of new quarter! Quick question, how did the first quarter of the year turn out for you? Good or bad? How is the first quarter going to spur you to have an awesome new quarter? Well…guess whats coming up this quarter? It’s the CHAMPIONS SUMMIT powered by The Pathway of Champions Initiative. Its all about a SUPER you doing SUPER things in your world.…One event…One theme…One day…four Speakers!! I shall definitely keep you posted with more details as the days come by. I am super excited about that event!

Today I want to talk about COMPETENCY…. you know that “stuff” that takes you from what you would want to do or what you are required to do to what you can actually get done! I get a lot of emails and Facebook messages asking me basically one question in a million ways and that is basically how to walk the Pathway of Champion and be a super achiever??? A lot of people just cant seem to deliver on what they are expected to and that is really worrisome. in many organizations or businesses, you find folks who have the right degrees and supposed qualifications but just fail to deliver commendable performance….So today, I am going to touch on one of the key indicators of being a super achiever or a Champion or as my brother, Jimi TEWE would put it: being a 7star performer and that is……COMPETENCY!

Lets define Competency…..Competencies refer to skills or knowledge that leads to superior performance. Competencies are individual abilities or characteristics that are key to effectiveness in work. Competencies are not “fixed” and can be developed with effort and support. Competencies can apply at organizational, individual, team, and occupational and functional levels. The term Competent on the other hand is when a person is qualified to perform to a requisite standard of the processes of a job. In other words Competencies refer to skills or knowledge that leads to superior performance while Competence on the other hand means the condition or state of being competent. Hmmmmmm,OK! Lets go deeper.

Competence has 6 components namely:

  1. SKILL: A learned ability; how to do the “ what you do”(e.g. making an effective presentation)
  2. KNOWLEDGE: How you acquire information in a particular field; (e.g. Using Data based presentation)
  3. SELF IMAGE: How you see yourself (e.g. Public Speaker-Confidence)
  4. VALUES: What you consider as important (e.g. achieving excellence/ ambition)
  5. TRAITS: Relatively enduring characteristics; why and how do we behave in a certain way (e.g. self-controlled “big picture” thinking)
  6. MOTIVES: The Psychological / Physiological factors that drive your behaviour (e.g. Maslow Pyramid of needs)

These 6 components are extremely important as they wholistically put anyone in a position to excel. your SKILLS are the abilities you require to get deliverables done, KNOWLEDGE is what ensures you determine how best to deploy your skills. your SELF IMAGE is a reflection of the 3 Cs.Confidence, Charisma,and Content, that ensures that you are able to project your skills in such a way that it gives you an edge. your VALUES, TRAITS and  MOTIVES are what drives you and determines what you strive for.  Champs, do note that not one of these components singularly can deliver high performance to you. (I am going to be throwing more light on this in the days to come)

Your skills are not enough!!

There are two major categories of Competency and they are namely;

  • Threshold competency
  • Differentiating competency

As the name suggests Threshold competency is made up of components that are required to basically get the job done…nothing more! Differentiating competency ,on the other hand, refers to components that give us an edge to perform outstandingly.

So what would fall under these two categories of competency??????

Watch this Space……………


Got any questions you want to ask me? mail me on…..and I will be right here. keep walking The Pathway of Champions.


Leadership….AU’s view….part 1

Great morning Champs, what an awesome day to be alive. Consider it as another opportunity to do it better! another opportunity to keep walking along the Pathway of Champions. I am sharing some thoughts on leadership today. Please do watch out for the video posting coming soon. I am excited about connecting with you in every possible way.

Now the concept of leadership, immensely vast as it is, has always been of deep intrigue to me. if I were to ask a group of people what they understood as leadership, i was certain to get many and varied responses. such a simple question yet most answers are given at best in specific contexts. I, however, learnt many years back that Leadership is a process of social influence where a person can enlist the help, commitment,aid and support of other people in accomplishing a common task. in other words, it is said that a leader who is one who can guide a people , influencing them to share of a vision and harnessing their multi skills, talents and capacity to accomplish a given task. leadership cuts across every phase of life, in the market place, in the debate club, the soccer team, in the church, in the business, in the family and the self amongst many other areas.

By the way, I think that there has always been a struggle amongst many on how to define leadership .According to Business Dictionary,Leadership involves:
establishing a clear vision,
sharing that vision with others so that they will follow willingly,
providing the information, knowledge and methods to realize that vision, and
coordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of all members and stakeholders.
A leader steps up in times of crisis, and is able to think and act creatively in difficult situations.
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Lets have a look at these points and see how we can relate to them. Establishing a clear vision implies in the strongest sense that a person is clear about what the long term intention is and what the desired outcome is…..for without vision , the people perish. Sadly we are in a generation where a lot of people wear expensive sunglasses and yet cant see where they are heading to in life hmmmmmmmmmmm…… the Vision is what determines the mission and what you need to fulfill the mission.the clarity of the vision is what energizes you to execute the mission that will deliver your vision!…..the Vision…The Vision.

A leader who lacks the ability to communicate a vision to others surely has to be one of the most frustrated persons on the face of the earth. the first step to getting people to buy into the vision is to lucidly communicate and share the said vision with them in such a way that they see the vision clearly and are consumed by it! when that is not the case, there would be a myriad of issues because where the vision isn’t plain, there cant be a clear plan on how to run with it. this is why effective communication is important. leadership cant not function without communication. A board has to be clear in its communication to management, management has to be clear in its communication to staff, supervisors need to be clear in how they communicate with “supervisees”…even more a government has to be clear in its messaging to the populace or citizens in a local government, state or country.No matter how good government policies are, or how lofty the ideas a government has for a people, if these are not properly communicated to the people, there would be a misunderstanding of the government and in turn that sets the ground for dissentment and chaos…Communication is key! So ask yourself…are you communicating clearly to those you are leading or do you think you are being communicated clearly to enough by anyone leading you. hmmmmmm

When the vision is clear, the primary responsibility of a leader is now clearly map out how best to achieve the vision using all the resources available to do so. the resources available in this instance is the skills, talents and gifting of the people he is leading while managing the difference in perspective or approach of the different people or stakeholders involved. Great leadership is the ability to identify the complex differences in your team, organization country and use them to the advantage and common good of all. There are many ways in which this can be done…one in particular, that I love and practice is called syndicate reasoning …a process whereby you allow your team to rub minds with deliberate minimal intervention(except of course to provide guidance) and knock out the myriad of  ideas been exchanged until you all arrive at an agreed “best” idea. The precise strategy for attaining a vision is primarily driven by a leader and again, yes…this strategy has to be clearly communicated. A strategy is a method or plan to be used or deployed to achieve a vision or a set objective. the method or plan would include relevant information, skills, technology and definite roadmap on execution. The clarity of the methodology of execution and how it applies or connects to the people is what gives them a sense of purpose. When a people have a sense of common purpose, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Leadership is all about Strategic focus ,establishing goals and strategic direction,Establishing principles, empowering and mentoring the team or a people to lead them to achieve a goal.

in the next edition, I am going to writing on how leaders deal with difficult situations and crises and yes…I am also going to be writing on “what a leader is not”! like I said earlier, watch out for my next video post on youtube and facebook. looking forward to it,are you??

In every area of your life, you have leadership responsibilities and you must live up to them.are you thinking long term? are you clear about your vision and doing an excellent job of communicating this vision to the people around so that it inspires them enough to own it with you and run with it???

like I would always say you are equiped to excel as you keep walking the Pathway of Champions


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Its all within YOU, Champ!

friday beat……

Innovative initiatives require quick wins. But unable to choose is unable to move. 7 principles of success for leading innovative initiatives: #1. New initiatives need to inspire energy to survive and thrive. Leaders get excited about a new idea and falsely believe everyone else shares the feeling. Does the new idea generate enthusiasm in current team […]

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this RELATIONSHIP thing….

Great morning Champs, what a great day to be alive! here we are ,zooming towards the end of the month of February and i have to say, it does seem like 2017 is running on steroids…lol. May our successes come even faster!

Over the past few weeks as I have handled my varied responsibilities in my various areas of operations, it has dawned on me more than ever before that there was a need for me to review the concept of relationship! I have often said that relationship is the greatest resource that we have here on earth, whether it be relationship with our GOD ,relationship with our spouse, kids , business partners, associates, mentors or the world at large. Relationship is the vehicle via which we can execute all that we were born to do. it is so important that we are nothing without it. now with this understanding of the immensely broad concept of relationship,its critical that we pay attention to our relationships. Paying attention, in this regard, means a thorough x ray of how we relate with different people in our lives, how much access we have to them as well as how much access we grant to them, how much we desire to invest in them as well as how much we really do invest in them. it requires a genuine self examination.


Aniekan Usoroh 

First things first, relationships must be beneficial to you! and yes, I will say it again…RELATIONSHIPS MUST BE BENEFICIAL TO YOU ….and let me clear, this is not in anyway self centered. i am not talking about material benefits…certainly not..I am talking about anything that grows you,builds you,makes you a better person, gives you warmth and emotional support among many other things….. a relationship that helps you in one way or the other fulfill your purpose here on earth! Any relationship that doesn’t do any of the afore mentioned is simply unsuitable for you. this is why you need to know how to sort, grade and place your relationships so that what you give access to only promotes your own life vision. lets have a quick look at some groups of folks we have in our lives

There are those that are with you because they love what you love but don’t necessarily dislike what you dislike…in other words, your friend is their friend but your enemy is not their enemy which means that your enemies would have access to you through that kind of friend. How much access do you really want to give that kind of friend, I ask thee?????????

Moving on,there are those that are with you because they  agree with what you are against but do not necessarily stand for what you stand for……in other words you have common enemies but your friends are not their friends. here ,you have a situational relationship and such people owe you no allegiance. NOW, here is what I am trying to get you to pay attention to….there is absolute nothing wrong with these two groups of people that I just mentioned!!!! They are not bad guys…the problem is NOT with them…. the real problem is with how you see them , relate with and give access to them!!!!!! this is how people get burnt in relationships….this is how businesses and partnerships crash… because we fail to appropriately sort, grade and place our relationships

Now, allow me to re-introduce to you a group of people, usually smaller than the other two groups, who have love what you love and hate what you hate….who share the same values as you do. these are ones that should have all the access to you. they will protect your dream even when you are sleeping, they will send enablers to you even when you didn’t look out for them. your vision enables their vision even as their vision enables yours…. these are your confidants! if your spouse isn’t in this last group, you are in BIG trouble. if your closest partners in business are not in this last group, you need a re-evaluation!

So no matter how many people you have around you, in your life, you must learn to sort, grade and place them so that you deal with them as you rightly should. Relationships are designed to bring the best in you….if you don’t handle relationships rightly,they can destroy you. don’t pour out your heart to leavers and then be aloof with stayers just because you couldn’t tell which was which. this applies to every area of your life, social ,secular or business.

SORT, GRADE AND PLACE your relationships right.

keep walking the Pathway of Champions


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The Office of the Citizen!

Good morning Champs,

Welcome to a brand new business week!

I was with some associates late last week and we were sharing on what we thought was the singular most important issue facing Nigeria. As you can imagine, these great minds had different views and perspectives on what they thought was the singular most important issue facing the country…… some said Power. some said Health, some mentioned Infrastructure, quite a number said Corruption,others said Security, one person even said Ethnocentrism… this point , I was “afraid” for any nation burdened with all these problems at the same time. I decided to refine and streamline the conversation by asking what issue affected everyone regardless of what they do or where they lived or where they were from. TOUGH LUCK! It appeared that issues cut across and affect everyone regardless of where they lived or where they were from…in other words , there is no problem in isolation. What affects one person in one area affects us all whether you are a civil servant, an entrepreneur or a job seeker. What then is the best way for us,as a people, to solve the issues facing us a nation? or wait a minute…is it even our responsibility at all??? Don’t we have a “government” in place? what more can we really do as citizens of Nigeria? Those are real questions that i have heard people asking almost everywhere I go. The political class reminds citizens of one responsibility every four years…to VOTE and in many cases that is just to give a semblance or a pseudo covering to gross electoral malpractices. hmmmmm so, whats my point? what role does a Citizen play in ensuring the country is prosperous and secure? what role does a citizen play in ensuring that the right laws are passed and our hospitals are better and our schools are real learning hubs? what roles?

I dont have all the answers but I do know that we can no longer afford NOT to pay attention to issues in Nigeria…We can not allow for our political systems and processes to be bereft of accountability any longer. its time to adopt the right values as Nigerians who love Nigeria. lets all do what we can for the educational system and health system and manufacturing and agriculture etc…… if the organized private sector is great for efficiency and great output, then we should lead the way in building strong partnerships with the public sector to move this nation forward. We have the power to turn around the economy, to rehabilitate our schools and revamp our health systems…to demand accountability…. we have the power. I sincerely believe that the time has come for everyone who contributes to the GDP of this country to actively play more roles in moving this country forward. the truth is that we can all do more. We can all discourage corruption some more, we can all celebrate hard-work and honesty some more, we can all follow due process some more, we can all give opportunities to those who deserve it and not those who can pay for it some more…we can all do more. its only when we do more that we can get more results….that we can get a better Nigeria. That is the power of the Office of the Citizen

I am really looking forward to a greater Nigeria. I am looking forward to partnering with you to build a stronger Nigeria. It is possible!!!!!!!

I celebrate the office of the Citizen…keep walking the Pathway of Champions


A second look at SELF…2017 loading

Great morning Champs

What a year it has been….there were highs and lows, Joy and Pain..ease and struggles and we are still here, still standing with..yes…massive expectations for the year 2017!

As I woke up this morning on this side of the world, I had, heavy on my mind,thoughts of how I want to go through all that makes up 2017. I am conscious of the fact that I had always carried a desire and expectancy for more in 2016 and now I want to see the manifestations of those expectations in 2017. Looking back,I remain very grateful for the opportunities that God brought my way…Grateful but now I want to not just utilize those opportunities but Maximize them! I have spent the last decade being curious for all and anything that affects performance delivery whether it be spiritual, marital,careerwise or personal development……and so I have always sought to clearly establish the link between opportunity maximizing and performance management. I have looked for a simple to capture and what keeps coming back to me is exceptional performance and being all that God has called you to be is all tied to what you prioritize and what you don’t prioritize!!!!! It’s all in your priorities!!!!

God,Self,family and the world……in my opinion, the four areas of life’s priority that affect all that has to do with us

  1. God
  2. Self
  3. Family
  4. The World

As you look at the list above,what comes to mind? ……… Earlier in the year,I did a survey amongst a group of men that I was speaking to and I asked them to list the four points in order of priority and guess what?? All of them had God has number 1 but only 10 percent of the group had Self listed at number 2 priority…..Many listed family as number 2. Hmmmmm which why all I want to talk about today is SELF!

Featured Image -- 1106

I dare say that the biggest problem in the world today is deprioritizarion of self! Too many people walk around with erroneous notion that giving priority is self-centered, selfish or whatever negative aspersions they can cast on it. Folks have gone through the past year simply not paying attention to self all the name of being “selfless”( which is very misunderstood, in my humble opinion) . I understand all that but my position has always been very clear : if self is the vehicle by which you deployed all that God has placed within you to serve your God family and your world, why wouldn’t you give all the attention required to self so that you can effectively carry out your God given assignment here on earth! If it’s true that you can not give what you don’t have,then a self that has not been developed has very little to offer to family, the world and yes to God. Recall the Parable of talents?? What you do with what God has placed in your hands matters! What you do with God has placed in your hands is a function of what YOU know how to do! You can not give what you do not have!

I am saying this again…the best gift that you can ever give to your world is the best version of You. The best version of You comes out of recognizing who you are and in extention WHOSE  you are…Understanding the principals and the person of whose you are… because it’s impossible for you to realize what your purpose is here on earth if you don’t know the ONE that gave the purpose in the first place. Now Understanding purpose calls for you to examine what is needed to fulfill that purpose which means you have pay attention to the skills that you need to acquire to fulfilling purpose! How can one who is bound liberate another? You must have have found liberation to be able to give to others…. That’s why you must prioritize yourself so that you can deliver to every other area of priority in your life. What kind of father or husband or mother or wife would you be if you haven’t learnt degrees of self mastery over your emotions,your tolerance, your patience,your understanding, your ability to handle pain and rejection…your ability to be firm and yet not rigid,your ability to handle your vulnerability, your ability to possess inner peace as an outcome of your relationship with God…I could go on and on but I trust that you get the picture.

2017 presents yet another opportunity for you to strive towards the best version of YOU that the world has ever seen. When YOU get better, your family gets better,your world gets better.

My name is Aniekan Usoroh  And I desire to see the best of YOU even as I wish you a most glorious year in 2017. As You get better,You will make a much needed impact in our world. May our God bless you real good as you keep walking #thepathwayofchampions