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Other people helped you get where you are. Do that for someone else. Don’t wait for people to come to you. Opportunities slip away while you wait. Seek opportunities to help others see their power. Transformational conversations: You make a difference when you inspire others to make a difference. Ask people to tell their stories. Listen […]

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getting AHEAD>>>>>>>

Great morning Champions….

it’s a great day to be alive and yes another opportunity to do it better with God on your side. It has been a busy couple of months gone by and it sure doesn’t look like it is about to slow down. As we approach the half year mark, it’s a time for appraisal and goal resetting. How has the year been thus far? Speaking to many a number of great people who signed up to the Pathway of Champions Mentorship club, it has been such a honor helping my friends sharpen and shape their perspective of their vision and have another look at their strategy of deploying their mission in order to attain or achieve that vision. Today I want to share some of the things that I have discussed with my friends on the Mentorship Club.

  1. Have a huge desire to learn…. There is no way that anyone can get ahead in life if they are not learning something new. If they are not unlearn SOME things that they have known. If they are not learning new things about the old things that they already know. It’s a key to unlocking possibilities. Learning is acquiring knowledge and understanding, understanding is synonymous with direction and clarity. Clarity means that you can see your way forward through life. Learn from everything around you. Like I say, I either learn what to do or I learn what NOT to do. Either way I am learning.
  2. Sometimes you will do what you have to do before you do what you want to do……. At some point your passion won’t be paying your bills, at least not until you make it ”commerciable”. In that time period, while you are developing yourself and finetuning the skills and talents that come with your passion, you will find that you will have to work at a Job. My advice is that you seek to have a job that in one way or the other develops your capacity to deploy your passion even better. Make every part of your life journey count. (Do read up “between you’re here and your there” on aniekanusoroh.wordpress.com)
  3. Stay authentic……its easy to want to be a fela durotoye or a Jimi Tewe or Tara or Cobhams but guess what that is not who you are. They may inspire you or motivate you but they certainly are not there for you to clone them. You have to be YOU to be able to deploy your passion successfully. You are specifically wired and equipped for your assignment. Find what works with you and develop it to the best possible way that you can. When I started public speaking, I wanted to sound like everybody that inspired and it was confusing even to me. Lol. Imagine sounding like Paul Adefarasin with gesticulations like Fela Durotoye at the same time trying to be calm and suave like Lanre Olusola…..confusion!!! here is the secret, its just easier to be you..authenticity is attractive!
  4. Be clear about your long-term intention. I would say that understanding your long-term intention shapes and determines what you do in your now and short term. The short term would always present situations that can consume you in the now and has the potential of taking your eyes of your long-term goal. The way to stay on top of your game is to be very clear about your vision and always tie in everything the present to your vision. Let everything you do point you in the direction of your vision.

That’s it for today, more to come in the days ahead. Do follow me on @aniekan10 on Instagram and @aniekan1 on twitter. Be sure to like The Pathway of Champions page on facebook as there is so much coming up there for you.

Hey,Have a truly profitable week as you keep walking The Pathway of Champions.



Hey Champ……

Great Morning Champs,

The bible says that weeping may endure for a night but JOY comes in the morning..the morning represents light..light is indicative of illumination which can be translated as understanding and clarity…clarity makes way for direction and because the right direction is never given from the back but from the front, direction is synonymous with LEADERSHIP….now wait a minute!!!! lets go back a bit…..Weeping may endure for a night but remember that JOY comes in the morning..morning is equal to light! permit me to say therefore that your morning comes when YOU  switch on the light! When you decide to put on the switch of leadership, your darkness dispels….when you decide to put on the switch of leadership, your light will shine. Step out of darkness and step into light. Be the LEADER that you are designed and called to be! lead right where you are by becoming the best version of YOU that can possibly be at this very time.

I am building a movement of Champions who are learning what it is to Lead in their lives. it doesnt matter what you are dealing with, the success story is what you would have triumphed over after this. My name is Aniekan  AU Usoroh, I represent THE PATHWAY OF CHAMPIONS INITIATIVE and this is my life’s purpose.


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keep walking the Pathway of Champions


Be true to thyself…..

Good evening,Champs..I trust that you had an AMAZING day…… Something new is brewing on the Pathway of Champions. I will be sure to keep you posted on it. Today, I want us to talk about being true to ourselves. Come with me.

Self deceit is one of the worst things that can ever happen to anybody. Nothing is worse than passionately believing the wrong thing!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmm…..Your vision is obscured, your decisions are misaligned, your actions are damning and you know whats worse??? YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IT!

Indeed what a horrible place to be! however if the truth be said, at one point or the other, to one varying measure or the other,we have all( yes…you and I) suffered from self deceit…here are some quotes i would like you reflect on;

Take the life — lie away from the average man and straight away you take away his happiness.”  Henrik Ibsen

The heart deceives, because it is never anything but the expression of the mind’s miscalculations … I don’t know what the heart is, not I: I only use the word to denote the mind’s frailties.” Marquis de Sade

Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.”  Fyodor DostoyevskyThe Brothers Karamazov

and now for my all time favourite quote on self deceit….

“Good God, no. The lies we tell other people are nothing to the lies we tell ourselves.”  Derek LandyDeath Bringer

The good news is that we can , yes we can, learn to be true to ourselves!!! lets talk about it, lets work on it…… join me tomorrow as I take this further in much greater detail and depth.

Be true to thyself as you keep walking the Pathway of Champions

Be true to thyself…………..The Wikipedia defines self deceit or self deception as ” a process of denying or rationalizing away the relevance, significance, or importance of opposing evidence and logical argument. Self-deception involves convincing oneself of a truth (or lack of truth) so that one does not reveal any self-knowledge of the deception.” simply put, it is believing wholeheartedly a lie put forward by one’s self, so that in your eye, mind and consciousness, the lie has now become your , (not the but your…) truth. My friends, its a dangerous place to be…..a level of insanity!!!!

Understand that because you see absolutely nothing wrong with your perception or belief, you would also see nothing wrong with the effects of the decision or actions that you carry out based on your self deception!!!! ….My brother, my sister…be true to thyself.

You believe that you are doing good, you assess yourself and score yourself high then assess others and find every and anything wanting with them……..sounds familiar??? you judge others by their actions and you judge yourself by your intentions. I know this too well…yes….at some recent point in my life, i was so deep in self deceit that everything I did ,good or bad, creative or destructive, was justified by my “intent”……..I couldn’t tell how wrong I was or had gotten. if I was in a wrong relationship with a woman, I will justify it by saying ” at least I am making her happy…I am giving joy to someone” what a lie! and i believed that lie!!!!!!!!! I was blind to how oppressive I had gotten , how i was practically destroying everything around me whilst telling myself that I was a good guy!!!!! My friend….be true to thyself!

Now imagine a leader who has self deception as regards his leadership style? you probably don’t have to stress to imagine as History and the Bible provides us with a long list of such. Imagine the husband who is tells himself that he is good man yet his wife cries to sleep every night exhausted from being left alone to carry the burden of raising the kids and running the home….hmmm..yet he is a good man. Imagine the one in the church who sincerely believes he or she is heaven bound yet sees nothing wrong with gossiping or destroying people with their mouth or projected perceptions….Or is it the one who thinks she is holy because her multitude sins and shortcomings are seemingly unknown to others????? the Governor who thinks he has done well by reconstructing government house whilst his people live in huts and dilapidated structures?????? Indeed Self deception abounds everywhere……how sad.

Now imagine with me, a nation where everyone is void of self deception and thus recognizes their shortcomings with a view to working on them and thus becoming a better people and a better nation. The danger of self deception is that since you see nothing wrong with the way you are, there is no catalyst to desire change and improvement. you stop learn and start dying!!!!!!

Be true to thyself……..there is a huge measure of vulnerability that comes with genuine self examination. You realize all of a sudden how very wrong you have been or how misaligned you have been and also realize that along the way you have negatively impacted on people. The reality of all of these can really be crushing depending how self deceived you were………………

We can be much more than this..I have seen myself grow since i had the veil removed from my eyes. it will fight everything you think you stand for but trust me, my friend, it releases you to truly be a great person.

Be true to thyself as you keep walking the Pathway of Champions


Relationships……understanding how they work for you

Great morning Champs, what a great day to be alive! here we are ,zooming towards the end of the month of MAY and I have to say, it does seem like 2017 is running on steroids…lol. May our successes come even faster!

Over the past few weeks as I have handled my varied responsibilities in my various areas of operations, it has dawned on me more than ever before that there was a need for me to review the concept of relationship! I have often said that relationship is the greatest resource that we have here on earth, whether it be relationship with our GOD ,relationship with our spouse, kids , business partners, associates, mentors or the world at large. Relationship is the vehicle via which we can execute all that we were born to do. it is so important that we are nothing without it. now with this understanding of the immensely broad concept of relationship,its critical that we pay attention to our relationships. Paying attention, in this regard, means a thorough x ray of how we relate with different people in our lives, how much access we have to them as well as how much access we grant to them, how much we desire to invest in them as well as how much we really do invest in them. it requires a genuine self examination.812827844_29738_edit

First things first, relationships must be beneficial to you! and yes, I will say it again…RELATIONSHIPS MUST BE BENEFICIAL TO YOU ….and let me clear, this is not in anyway self centered. i am not talking about material benefits…certainly not..I am talking about anything that grows you,builds you,makes you a better person, gives you warmth and emotional support among many other things….. a relationship that helps you in one way or the other fulfill your purpose here on earth! Any relationship that doesn’t do any of the afore mentioned is simply unsuitable for you. this is why you need to know how to sort, grade and place your relationships so that what you give access to only promotes your own life vision. lets have a quick look at some groups of folks we have in our lives

There are those that are with you because they love what you love but don’t necessarily dislike what you dislike…in other words, your friend is their friend but your enemy is not their enemy which means that your enemies would have access to you through that kind of friend. How much access do you really want to give that kind of friend, I ask thee?????????

Moving on,there are those that are with you because they agree with what you are against but do not necessarily stand for what you stand for……in other words you have common enemies but your friends are not their friends. here ,you have a situational relationship and such people owe you no allegiance. NOW, here is what I am trying to get you to pay attention to….there is absolute nothing wrong with these two groups of people that I just mentioned!!!! They are not bad guys…the problem is NOT with them…. the real problem is with how you see them , relate with and give access to them!!!!!! this is how people get burnt in relationships….this is how businesses and partnerships crash… because we fail to appropriately sort, grade and place our relationships

Now, allow me to re-introduce to you a group of people, usually smaller than the other two groups, who have love what you love and hate what you hate….who share the same values as you do. these are ones that should have all the access to you. they will protect your dream even when you are sleeping, they will send enablers to you even when you didn’t look out for them. your vision enables their vision even as their vision enables yours…. these are your confidants! if your spouse isn’t in this last group, you are in BIG trouble. if your closest partners in business are not in this last group, you need a re-evaluation!

So no matter how many people you have around you, in your life, you must learn to sort, grade and place them so that you deal with them as you rightly should. Relationships are designed to bring the best in you….if you don’t handle relationships rightly,they can destroy you. don’t pour out your heart to leavers and then be aloof with stayers just because you couldn’t tell which was which. this applies to every area of your life, social ,secular or business.

SORT, GRADE AND PLACE your relationships right.

keep walking the Pathway of Champions



Leadership….AU’s view….part 1

hi Champs,
just took a pause from my schedule today to send this to you…..keep walking the Pathway of Champions

now its back to work


Aniekan "AU" USOROH

Great morning Champs, what an awesome day to be alive. Consider it as another opportunity to do it better! another opportunity to keep walking along the Pathway of Champions. I am sharing some thoughts on leadership today. Please do watch out for the video posting coming soon. I am excited about connecting with you in every possible way.

Now the concept of leadership, immensely vast as it is, has always been of deep intrigue to me. if I were to ask a group of people what they understood as leadership, i was certain to get many and varied responses. such a simple question yet most answers are given at best in specific contexts. I, however, learnt many years back that Leadership is a process of social influence where a person can enlist the help, commitment,aid and support of other people in accomplishing a common task. in other words, it is…

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Between your “here” and your “there”………………….

What makes a Champion?


Aniekan "AU" USOROH

Great Champions,

Awesome Tuesday???? I do certainly hope so…….I have a piece for you today…someone somewhere needs to read this…..come with me……………………….

Perhaps the most difficult part of any process in life is in the transition from one level to the another. Usually this comes with a lot of discomfort, confusion and even pain!!! You are in one place and your mind, heart and entire will is in another…you are having the mindset of a brighter tomorrow and yet you are experiencing the pains and struggles of today……hmmm. Indeed what a seemingly dreadful period or season it can be.  OK, so I have news for you, its all part of the process!!!!! You probably don’t like to hear that much, do you?? please dont slay me yet…just read on

The key is in understanding the process. The process develops you and grows you. In other words the process matures you.In…

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The Champions Summit Q &A part 1

Q: What do these amazing individuals have in common?


Q: When and where is the Summit?

A: Details coming in the BIG announcement tomorrow








The Pathway of Champions

Aniekan "AU" USOROH

Great morning to you,Champ!

Every where I go,I keep meeting people who desire to do more,grow more and get better at what they do ( and that’s a good thing really because there are lot of people that need to grow and yet no desire to do so…..). The big story is that these folks don’t know how to get better or grow further or do more. This can cause a measure of frustration …I understand that because I have been there! That is why, today, I want to help you connect those dots between your “here” and your “there” as we do on the #thepathwayofchampions . Come with me!!!

First things first…I do certainly believe that you are #wiredtowin and #equipedtoexcel and that your desire to excel is indicative of a need to review and increase your capacity. Capacity is the prerequisite to achieving what’s necessary or required to…

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lets talk about COMPETENCY….

Aniekan "AU" USOROH

Great morning Champs and what a great day to be alive…..WELCOME TO THE MONTH OF APRIL!

It’s a brand-new month and the beginning of new quarter! Quick question, how did the first quarter of the year turn out for you? Good or bad? How is the first quarter going to spur you to have an awesome new quarter? Well…guess whats coming up this quarter? It’s the CHAMPIONS SUMMIT powered by The Pathway of Champions Initiative. Its all about a SUPER you doing SUPER things in your world.…One event…One theme…One day…four Speakers!! I shall definitely keep you posted with more details as the days come by. I am super excited about that event!

Today I want to talk about COMPETENCY…. you know that “stuff” that takes you from what you would want to do or what you are required to do to what you can actually get done! I get a…

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